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Go-Jek driver allegedly yells at wheelchair-bound elderly woman saying, “Stupid idiot, you think your $9 very big?”




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The video of an alleged Go-Jek driver shouting at an wheelchair-bound woman has been making its way round the Internet. The video was by netizen Ang Wuan Suan who had called a Go-Jek , or Go-Car for her elderly mother and father on January 3, in order to them both to the hospital.

According to a Facebook post by Ms Ang, “my parents and I called a GOCAR to St. Luke’s hospital. My mum is wheelchair bound, but there was nowhere to enter comment in the app. So I messaged ‘wheelchair’ to driver before he arrived”.

She continued saying that when the driver arrived, he stopped across the from where they were standing, and as a result they had to ask him to make a u-turn since her mother was wheelchair-bound. She wrote, “He seem reluctant, but did so anyways”.

Ms Ang continued, “Getting on, we take some time as usual to get mum into the car and fold the wheelchair to load into the back of the car. Unlike most private hire drivers we had before, this driver never get out of the car to help with the loading”.

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According to Ms Ang, upon arrival, there were three cars in front of them at the lobby, of St. Luke’s Hospital that were all unloading patients. The driver wanted them to alight from the car with the car only halfway in the lobby because of the queue.

According to Ms Ang, when the family declined, asking him to drop them off at the lobby, the driver got rather angry and started yelling at them. She said, “he started shouting and screaming, complaining about me not informing him about wheelchair, we keeping the door wide open for too long for mom to get in and out of the car, causing the aircon to leak, calling us ‘stupid idiots’ and saying ‘You think your $9 very big?’, screaming ‘GET OUT!’”.

In a video that Ms Ang took of the driver, he can be seen yelling, “Get away from the car la! Open the door for what? Close the door! Don’t let the aircon go out!”


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She also added that despite her attempts to contact Go-Jek, she had not received a reply.

TISG has reached out to both Go-Jek and Ms Ang for comment.



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