Relationships Girlfriend insists her boyfriend buy her $2K Gucci bag; she also wouldn't...

Girlfriend insists her boyfriend buy her $2K Gucci bag; she also wouldn’t mind a “normal” proposal ring costing less than $1K

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Most netizens felt that her request was quite unreasonable and if she wanted a handbag that badly, she should be perfectly capable of buying it herself

SINGAPORE: A girlfriend who wanted a Gucci bag costing more than $2,000 asked her boyfriend to buy it for her, even if it meant getting a proposal ring of lesser value.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the woman wrote that her boyfriend of 7 years had just graduated and was earning $4,000 a month. “Throughout these years I have never once requested any big value gifts and the most expensive item he had gotten me was a ring and bag that cost around 700+ in total for anniversary”, she wrote.

When she chanced upon the Gucci bag, she asked him to buy it for her as an anniversary present. In response, “He replied that he can’t as he is saving for a nice proposal ring which is expensive. So, I proposed to him to just get me the Gucci bag and I am fine with a normal ring i.e less than a thousand since proposal is just for the sake of showing to the elders and I am not really keen in proposal rings either. Moreover we will be wearing wedding bands after marriage and the proposal ring will most likely be kept inside the drawer for most of the time”.

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The woman added that she felt this was a “good deal” for her boyfriend as he would not have to spend as much. However, his reaction was quite the opposite, where he “flared up and raged at me, claiming that he will not buy me the Gucci bag as he wants to save his money for other stuff. He said that it is his money and he shall decide what he spends his money on, and if I am really so desperate for the bag, I could leave him for another guy who is willing to get me such branded bags”.

She added that she found him a little stingy with his money and said that since the beginning of the relationship, they had been splitting the cost of dates. “But is this a red flag about his character? I assume he lied and isn’t even intending to spend on an expensive ring. Otherwise, he would be more than happy to take on my idea of getting the bag I like and at the same time, he can save his money by spending less on the ring”, she wrote.
Here’s what netizens who commented on her post said:

Earlier this year, a troubled husband took to social media asking for advice after his wife wanted a branded bag amounting to three months of his salary. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote: “Recently my wife asked me to buy her an LV set of bags and purse. The set is priced around my 3 months’ salary”.

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He added that he tried to talk her out of it by telling her that the bags don’t look good, and that they do not match her clothes and style. However, “To my horror she replied that the reason she wanted it was because it’s priced at around my 3 months’ salary which is almost my entire bonus for the year of 2022. She also added that the purchase of branded bags is in any event an “investment””.

Wife asks husband to buy her LV bags and purse equivalent to 3 months of his salary, she says it’s an “investment”

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