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Girl who accused Eden Ang of sexual harassment laments that the AGC and SPF have dropped the case against him

Lilith Lithe expressed her outrage saying she could not understand why no action is being taken and why the authorities are unable to disclose the reason for this

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Facebook user Lilith Lithe, who accused Singaporean YouTube personality Eden Ang of sexual harassment a year ago, has revealed that the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) have informed her that no further action will be taken against Ang and that the case has been dropped.

In January 2018, Ang was accused of inappropriately touching an 18-year-old employee without her consent. Lilith identified herself as the employee.

Another Singapore YouTuber, Dee Kosh, claimed to be familiar with Lilith and publicly called Ang a “sexual predator” who used his influence as a “famous person” to take advantage of the girl. After this, an ex-gymnast and other anonymous women shared that they were sexually harassed by Ang, as well.

Ang vehemently denied the allegations. Asserting that he is fully cooperating with the authorities, he said that he is considering taking legal action against “parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt me and my loved ones with these malicious accusations.”

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In the latest turn of events, Lilith has said that the authorities are dropping the case against Ang. She wrote on Facebook, on Sunday (10 Mar):

“i cant believe this is happening again. i cant believe i have to dig out a past i thought i had already put behind me. the humiliation, the frustration is beyond words. feb 2018 i reported eden ang for outrage of modesty. well today i received the results and the AGC and Singapore Police Force has declared that no further action will be taken against eden ang.”

Lamenting that this decision is “demoralizing,” Lilith said that she kept her silence on the matter thus far as the investigation was ongoing and that she feels now that it was “all for nothing”:

“i cannot stress enough how demoralizing it is to know that my own country don’t got my back.(sic) ive wanted to address this publicly for a long time but i kept it in for the sake of the investigation which i now know has failed me. 
some of you out there thought i wanted fame and that i wanted to use eden for fame. well tell me, do you really think it was worth it to lose my family’s support for fame? do you think it was easy for me to even show my face in public for the following months? (sic)
“if i wanted fame i couldve just continued working for eden, i couldve blown the case up further back then but no i released ONE post addressing the issue and let the law handle the rest. in fact my post was vague and didnt express my true feelings. i concealed it all for the sake of the investigation. and now i have learnt all of that was for nothing. all that pain and humiliation.
“ive read a great deal of the comments that were made against me and many times i have wanted to reply them and stand up for myself but i was advised by the police to not release anymore information pertaining to the incident so i held it in and it was painful.”

Revealing that the authorities told her that they have dropped the case and that “they are unable to disclose the reason as to why “no further action” is being taken.

Lilith said that she does not feel safe in Singapore any more:

“so now im here to stand up for myself. the state has failed me and now im here to express my thoughts and feelings. it’s ridiculous how the police puts up all the “report molestation” posters everywhere but when i, as a victim, report it, im told that nothing can be done about it and that the case is dropped. the best part is, they are unable to disclose the reason as to why “no further action” is the conclusion to my case. 
“where is the justice for not just me but all of his victims who he has allegedly done worse to? singapore is supposed to be one of, if not the, safest country in the world yet i dont feel safe anymore.”

Lilith further lambasted police for handling the investigation “unprofessionally”. She wrote:

“my point is the case was still handled very unprofessionally. the police were supposed to interview my sister, my mom and family friend. they arranged a meeting time with my mom then did not show. 
“throughout the whole investigation it was pretty much radio silence. right after the report it was silent for months then i was contacted to do a polygraph and they scheduled it on a date that i had school (meaning they didnt even consult whether i was free) then asked if i could postpone school??? ofc not so they postponed the polygraph. (sic)
“after taking the polygraph they went silent for another few months before i received the call on friday with the conclusion of the case.”

Last year, Lilith’s friend claimed that Lilith tried to make a police report but that the police officer who attended to her asserted that the incident was consensual and that the incident was her fault due to the way she was dressed.

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Asserting that these allegations are false, the SPF debunked the allegations that an officer blamed Lilith and turned her away and revealed that the 18-year-old “has not been forthcoming in her accounts to the Police and has yet to make a police report, despite our continual efforts to reach out to her.”

The Independent has contacted the police for their comment on this latest development. We will update this story once we receive a response.

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