SINGAPORE: The cast of Mediacorp’s Police and Thief sitcom have finally come together after 12 years. 

Thanks to CNA’s On The Red Dot, the Police And Thief ex-child actors from the sitcom gathered together and relived unforgettable memories. 

Unexpectedly, they also apologised to one of the cast. 

Ang Ching Hui, 29, former child actress who now works as a computer graphics artist, said that the other child actors had been somehow rude to her during those times. Alongside the actress, the other actors that were part of the sitcom are Danial Ashriq, 31, still a full-time actor, Hafiz Nasir, 32, now a process technician and Glenn Wong, 30, a civil servant. 

“I always thought that there was something about me that you three did not like. That’s why you guys were quite mean. There were instances where they’d lock me in the fitting room,” Ang admitted. This was a surprise to Mark Lee and Suhaimi Yusof, who played their fathers in the show. 

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“Nobody knows, but I remember it. And there was a scene where they were in our house, and we were throwing stuff ‘cos we were supposed to be quite chaotic. And then at the end of the take, right, they didn’t stop throwing at me,” the actress continued to add. 

Ang said that there were instances when filming had to stop because she was very upset. 

“I remember that we kept disturbing her to the point where her real mom did step in and did talk to me,” Hafiz said. He explained that he did not know why they acted that way back then. As for Ang, Hafiz went up to her and promised that they would stop all the bad behaviour. 

The men were only little boys during the time Police And Thief was filmed – aged between 11 and 14. The sitcom aired from 2004 to 2010. 

Due to the sudden revelation, the actors apologised to her after all these years.  

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“I personally really appreciate the fact that I’ve grown up with you on this series, and so, I’m really sorry that I caused you so much hurt during the seasons,” stated Wong. 

Ashriq then added: “It didn’t mean anything. At that point you were the only girl around, so I guess it was only natural to pick on the odd one out. So we would like to apologise.”

Netizens then expressed their comments and opinions on the subject at hand. 

One stated that given their ages at that time, the actors did not know how to communicate with a girl, and it was easier to gang up against her because she was the only girl among them. Moreover, another netizen mentioned that Ashriq’s apology doesn’t sound sincere.