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Foreign workers dormitory fined $300K for overcrowding is linked to Group headed by PAP-linked people




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By: Forever Vagabond
ST reported that a dormitory operator, KT Mesdorm, was fined $300,000 on Tuesday (May 31) for housing foreign workers in an overcrowded dormitory (http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/dormitory-operator-fined-300000-for-housing-more-workers-than-allowed-in).
It was convicted of intentionally helping three companies to house their foreign workers in an overcrowded dormitory, which it operates.
“By intentionally taking in more residents than permitted, KT Mesdorm had caused the infrastructure and amenities in the dormitory to be over-taxed, resulting in overcrowded, unsanitary and unhygienic living conditions,” MOM said.
KT Mesdorm’s dormitory has housed 500 foreign workers more than the permitted limit.
“This is a serious breach as overcrowding compromises fire safety and conditions of living,” MOM added.

KT Mesdorm comes under MES Group headed by PAP-linked people

However, what ST failed to report was that the dormitory operator, KT Mesdorm, comes under the MES Group. And according to information on the company website (http://www.mesgroup.com.sg/about_mesgroup.htm) MES Group is headed by a former PAP Minister, as well as a grassroots leader.
It said, “The MES Group is a diversified business group with its principle business in designing, constructing and managing off-site residential facilities for guest-workers in industries. Its other diverse portfolios include, trading, property development, warehousing and transportation, and recruitment services for specific industries.”
It said that it is a leader in the management of guest-workforce residential facilities and has “earned the reputation of setting the industry benchmark, both in Singapore and abroad”.
“MES is committed to being a worthy corporate citizen by giving back to the communities where it conducts its businesses and is a prominent patron of the arts, culture, education, charities and humanitarian causes,” it added, even though it was willing to cram large number of foreign workers into its dormitory illegally to maximize profits.
The chairman of MES Group is Mr Sidek Saniff, a former PAP Senior Minister of State for Education and Environment.
The CEO is Mr Mohamed Abdul Jaleel. He is a PAP grassroots leader.
On the website, it stated (http://www.mesgroup.com.sg/founder_and_ceo.htm):
“He (Mohamed Abdul Jaleel) is also concurrently active member, advisor and/or patron of a number of community organizations and business associations. Despite his commitments and busy schedules he continues to set aside time for charitable endeavours, humanitarian causes, educational development of children, and cultural and cross cultural engagement. His generosity and sincerity has endeared him to many and he remains a beacon of inspiration for many in business and in life.”
He was conferred a PBM in 2005 for his grassroots service.

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