Asia Malaysia Fallen PM Najib back in active politics

Fallen PM Najib back in active politics




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KUALA LUMPUR: Rumours that fallen PM Najib Razak will return to active politics came true with the latter’s appointment as the chairman of the Barisan Nasional advisory board.

The Barisan Nasional lost the 2018 elections to the Pakatan Harapan leading to Najib’s resignation as Prime Minister. He lost his post as Umno leader altogether.

Since he could not take part in party polls to find a new leader, he stayed away from party politics after his deputy Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was elected the new party boss.

Sources said Najib would have taken an active role in the Umno but the party is now split with many factions, some wanting him back while others want to kick him out of the party.

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This makes it difficult for Najib to take an active role in Umno but the party found a subtle way to bring him back on the political scene.

Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, a top Umno leader and the secretary-general of Barisan, says with Najib’s appointment, it is hoped Barisan will regain the people’s confidence.

Najib is now in the docks in the SRC International misappropriation trial. It is alleged he siphoned RM42 million in funds belonging to SRC.

Last year, Najib claimed trial to a charge of abuse of power and three counts of criminal breach of trust linked to the 1MDB scandal.

Najib’s trial on the 1MDB scandal will begin on Aug 19 after a High Court decision to dismiss the prosecution’s application to postpone the case.

Malaysia’s Attorney-General Tommy Thomas requested to postpone the 1MDB trial to make way for the ongoing SRC International trial, which might not be completed by Aug 15.

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