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Faisal apologized for unverified allegations against HDB




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Worker’s Party’s Mr.Faisal Abudul Manap apologized for his allegation being made against HDB officer without verification at a parliamentary debate on Monday, 4th of August.

Minister of State Mr.Maliki Osman took objection to the above and asked Faisal to substantiate his allegations.

Mr. Faisal said that he met a couple who were advised to file for divorce by a HDB officer so that the wife can be eligible to obtain a house under the singles scheme before marriage with her husband again.

When asked to provide further details about the case, Faisal could not produce any.

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Minister stressed on the importance of verifying cases. He said this could not be allowed to go past without verification and Mr.Faisal can be able to get back on this matter and to obtain the permission for us to verify this matter. In the event that he unable get the permission, the case should not be considered in this house.

Mr.Faisal added, I do not have communication and details related to the client since stepping down from office of counselor.

Meantime, Speaker of the house Halimah Yacob took part this debate and said, it is one thing to say that HDB rejected the appeal and another to say that the couple acted on the advice of the HDB officer to get a divorce. She noted this when Mr.Maliki asked whether you can provide particulars so he can verify and prevent this from repeating.

Maliki continues, insisting that civil servants should be given the chance to clarify any allegations of wrongdoing levied upon them.

Then Mr. Faisal defended him self and said “I just wanted to provide feedback on the experiences that I have had “I have no intention of disregarding the good work that has been done by civil servants in our public services,” Faisal said in his defense. “I just wanted to feedback the experiences that I had confronted.

Hon.Speaker expressed her agreement with Maliki and said “Although Members are covered by parliamentary privilege, it is important when incidents are summoned, particularly involving government agencies and public servants, the particulars can be provided to verify the real facts.”

Finally Faisal apologized for bringing up the case. “It is not my intention to give a negative impression of any of the public services or government offices. He added that “I will be more careful in future and I apologise.”

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