Home News Even Bangla construction workers get more rest than security guards

Even Bangla construction workers get more rest than security guards




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The following is a comment found on Gilbert Goh’s post on Certis Cisco hiring security guards from Taiwan. The comment by Ek Seng Ng is edited for clarity.

I used to work at AETOS. On my first day of work, I got activated to do 8 hours of duty immediately after finishing my orientation. After the 8-hours duty, I continued for another few hours, as the person who was supposed to take over from me did not turn up for duty until much later. In the end I ended up working 20-hours.

During my first year of work, I clocked more than 320 hours of work per month, till I injured both my knees due to over exertion. In the end, I spent all my salary for medical expenses and for physiotherapy. I left the job after I had fully recovered.

The highest I earned as a security guard was $3,200 with CPF contribution.

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Was it worth it? Yes, but only till the point I injured myself. Then I realised that the hard work the job required was not worth the money I am being paid. Even bangala construction workers get more rest.

I had to endure countless hours checking cars, breathing in fumes and enduring 37 °C heat during the mid day.

Many think Auxiliary Police Officers have nothing to do, but that’s not true. If you think otherwise, please try it yourself. Even a commando won’t be able to take the job and will give up.

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