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In a fiery appearance on Fox News, Eric Trump took to the airwaves to ferociously address the aftermath of his father’s tumultuous testimony in his ongoing New York fraud trial.

Eric Trump defending family business

During the interview with Sean Hannity, Eric Trump vehemently maintained that there had been no wrongdoing within the Trump Organization, despite Judge Arthur Engoron’s previous ruling to the contrary. He lamented that Letitia James’ prosecution was politically motivated, asserting that she had been seeking to target his father for the better part of the last six years.

Eric Trump’s sentiments were met with a sense of skepticism from the Fox anchor, who referred to the September ruling by Judge Engoron that had found the former president and his two adult sons liable for “persistent and repeated” fraud.

Eric Trump framed the trial as an attack on individuals who had no involvement in the alleged fraud. This strategy mirrored his father’s claims that his multiple legal challenges were nothing more than attacks on his loyal supporters.

Eric Trump passionately contended, “And it’s thousands of employees, Sean!” He emphasized the plight of workers such as maids, housekeepers, engineers, drivers, and bellmen—individuals whose livelihoods depended on the Trump family and their properties. He argued that these employees, who relied on the Trump Organization for their daily sustenance, were being used as pawns in Letitia James’ political games. “Isn’t she responsible for taking care of New Yorkers and representing their best interests?” Eric Trump asked, adding, “These people have incredible jobs because of us… and she wants to put those people in peril? Sean, these people are suffering.”

The interview highlighted the deepening and worsening divide and intense emotions surrounding the Trump Organization’s legal battles, which have become a focal point in the ongoing political and legal landscape.

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