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Elderly man seen abusing a cat in Marsiling, as he kicks it and walks away

According to residents, the man was apparently in the habit of carrying a stone in his hand in search of cats to throw it at




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Singapore – Any form of animal abuse should not be forgiven, especially when the animal is not causing any harm.

News of a cat abuser in Marsiling Lane was posted on Rescue and Re-home cats Facebook page on July 14 (Sunday).

According to the post, an elderly Chinese male allegedly in his late 50’s was caught on camera kicking a community cat who was feeding from a white container under a bench at the walkway near Block 15.

“Poor kitty suffered a kick, shocked and dashed away quickly for its threatened life!”  (sic) said the post.

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Neighbourhood residents shared that the man “often carried a big stone in his hand and searching for cats to throw at them.”

Someone who would intentionally hurt an animal minding its own business usually implies that this kind of behaviour is a habit.

It was mentioned in the post that the man “has been going around the block, torturing the poor cats for quite some time.”

The community cat feeder recalled how she would always find one of her community cats injured for no reason. The cat would have wounds on its head, face, cheek, and legs.

The post mentions how the cat’s suffering could be caused by the same elderly man with a vendetta to hurt the gentle felines.

It was included in the post that “the community cat feeder has made a police report, but we now need your help to find where this abuser is staying so that we can report him to the authorities to locate him soon.”

“Kindly help to look out for the safety of the cats in Blk 10 to 16 and share this post. Thank you, Community Cats Lovers,” ended the post.

The person taking the video could be seen trailing the elderly man who looked right into the camera, unfazed. He did not stop walking nor did he react to the camera. -/TISG

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