Home News Does our media model 'make sense' for Singapore?

Does our media model ‘make sense’ for Singapore?




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PM Lee responded to queries from the media that Singapore’s media model ‘makes sense’ for Singapore. He said that our system is one in which, “information flows freely on the Internet, you can get data instantly from anywhere in the world, newspapers report freely the news, but also responsibly.”

I am not sure if the model makes sense for Singapore anymore, but it certainly makes sense for the PAP.

Given Singapore’s population demographic; the older mature voters consume the news from the main stream media and the younger voters consume the news from the Internet and Social Media assets.

The voter population of 45 and above represent 43% of the electorate and this segment is still locked to the news propagated by the powers that be.

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Now it seems to me that it does make sense for PAP to retain the existing media model.

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