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Do you want Amos Yee back in Singapore – Yee or Nay?




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The 20-year old Singaporean blogger and former YouTuber who currently seeks asylum in the United States may just get deported for his views that are pro-pedophilia.

The very woman who spurred Yee on to seek asylum in the States – Melissa Chen has now turned on him, and she aims to get him deported because she says he is “a stain on the human race”.

In a recent video she uploaded to her Facebook page, Chen said that because of Yee’s blatant pro-pedophilia stance, Melissa said, “I am compelled to say Amos needs to be deported from the United States, and if he, in the process, gets sent back to jail in Singapore for going AWOL on National Service, I would find it extremely difficult to actually sympathise with that.”


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Amos Yee’s mother, Mary Toh, mostly supports her son through all of this.

Should Yee get deported from the United States, he may be sent back to Singapore, because the 20 year-old has not served the mandatory two years of National Service (NS) yet.

TISG polled netizens on Facebook and asked, “If Amos Yee gets deported from the US, do you want him back in Singapore?”


84 per cent of the 1,300 people who answered said that they do not want him back.

Those who did want him back, simply wanted him to serve NS and face the consequences for his previous actions.

So, the question is,

Yee or nay?



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