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Defeated Merkel to change FT policy while victorious Fu to “supplement” SGs with FTs




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By: 永久浪客/Forever Vagabond

Following a devastating defeat in Berlin state elections on Mon (19 Sep), German Chancellor Merkel said she accepted her share of responsibility for voters punishing her party for her migrant policy (‘I wish I could turn back time’ Merkel finally admits she REGRETS open-door migrant policy). This is her party’s second defeat in 2 weeks.

Speaking at a news conference, she said, “If I could, I would turn back the time by many, many years.”

She admitted she could have been better prepared for the influx of migrants last year. She added if she knew how people wanted her to change her migrant policy she would consider it.

If the wish of the German people was for the country not to be swamped with uncontrolled and unregulated migration “then that is exactly what I am fighting for”, she said.

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A recent poll has shown that 82 percent of German voters wanted a change in her liberal migrant policy.

Grace Fu: It’s our policy to supplement SGs with FTs

, on the other hand, wants to continue to supplement Singaporeans with foreigners in Singapore.

At a dialogue with students and residents in Tampines East last year, Minister Grace Fu told the audience that Singapore cannot close its doors to foreigners. However, she assured that the Government will look after the interests of Singaporeans first.

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“It is also about integration,” she said. “There are important lessons that we learnt that we need to integrate (foreigners with Singaporeans) better. And how are we doing that? What we do is that we try to promote – through activities, through programmes, through coming together to work on community projects together – a very seamless, natural way for us to work with a non-Singaporean.”

At the dialogue, commenting on a Filipino nurse in Tan Tock Seng Hospital wishing Singaporeans dead, she said, “We should also know that perhaps for one foreigner who makes such insensitive remarks, there are also many others who don’t and many others who respect us and also, maybe, other Singaporeans who also make insensitive remarks against foreigners.”

“Let’s face it. Both sides also have some black sheep that are less sensitive when making online comments or making speeches,” she added. She also acknowledged that it has been part of the government’s strategy to “supplement” Singapore population with foreigners.

“Actually if you look at the population growth of Singapore, we have been having quite low growth for some time already,” she said. “In fact, since the late 80s and 90s, it has been below our replacement level. So I think it has been part of our strategy to be supplemented by foreigners, both from a population point of view and also to supplement the workforce.”

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In 2010, she was rapped by netizens for spending taxpayers’ monies to organize a controversial ‘Water Splashing Festival’ for foreigners in Bukit Batok to celebrate their New Year and asking Singaporeans to ‘celebrate’ their festival as a way of “showing our respect to them”.

Meanwhile, a TISG reader was lamenting that the Singaporean voters continue to support the PAP’s open-door FT policy (https://theindependent.sg.sg/would-singaporeans-teach-hsien-loong-that-he-made-a-historic-mistake-over-immigration).

“Already the Germans are kicking the living daylight out of Chancellor Angela Merkel,” he said. “Here in Singapore, of the 5.7 million, 2.5 million are foreign economic predators, the root cause of our socio-economic woes making this place a sheer living hell.”

“Yet the 70% sleepwalking, brain-dead dimwits accepted this unpardonable misstep of this freaking government that continues with the relentless inflow of foreigners from around the world,” he angrily denounced the PAP government’s FT policy.

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