Entertainment Arts says Taiwanese talk show reboot will not happen

Dee Hsu says Taiwanese talk show reboot will not happen

"If we reboot Kangxi, we might get criticised as being old-fashioned. Let’s just leave the series behind us,” said Ms Hsu who used to host the show along with




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Taiwanese TV host said that a  reboot will never happen. Fans are still hoping that the series be rebooted one day even though it has been four years since the hit talk show Here Comes Kangxi, or Kang Xi Lai Le ended its run. The show, which is still considered Taiwan’s most successful variety show ended its 12-year run in 2016. The hosts of Kangxi, Dee Hsu and paired up for a Chinese variety series called Zhen Xiang Ba! Hua Hua Wan Wu.

The show paled in comparison to Kangxi with upset fans condemning the show for being awkward and over-the-top. During a recent press conference, Dee was asked about the possibility of a reboot. She basically said that it was never going to happen.

Kevin Tsai is Dee Hsu’s co-host in Kangxi. Picture:YouTube

“Kevin Tsai has disappeared completely,” she quipped about her pal. “I don’t know where he is, and I don’t really look at his Instagram posts because his posts are all about inspirational quotes. I don’t like looking at such things. Back [in 2016], it was also Kevin who wanted to stop filming the series. Based on his current personality, he’ll never host Kangxi again anyway.”

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The 42-year-old star continued: “In the past, people kept complaining that we were repeating the same content. It seemed like everyone had something to criticise about the programme. It was only after we ended the series that people started saying that they missed Kangxi so much. If we reboot Kangxi, we might get criticised as being old-fashioned. Let’s just leave the series behind us.”

Dee has been approached in the past about Kangxi returning. She previously responded to a hopeful netizen with: “A good horse doesn’t return to the same pasture after it leaves. Plus, the other horse is too proud [to consider a reboot].”

The good news is that you can watch old episodes, all 12 years of them on YouTube. Dee Hsu was born in June 14, 1978 and she is commonly known as Xiao S or Little S. She is a Taiwanese TV host, actress, and singer. Dee was formerly a ballroom dancer. She is known for her quick-witted caustic humour. From 2004 to 2015 she co-hosted Kangxi with Kevin Tsai. The duo won Best Host in a Variety Programme at the 40th Golden Bell Awards in 2005.

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