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Daughter of highest ranked SAF warrant officer sweetly tributes her retiring father

She lists things about her father that are close to her heart, and above all his achievements, and medals.




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Singapore – Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Ng Siak Ping is not only one of the highest ranked warrant officers in the Singapore Army with tonnes of medals and honours. He is also considered as one of four legendary “enciks”.

He even has challenge trophies named after him, an honour given to exemplary officers to recognise their service to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

In addition to his decorated resume, CWO Ng Siak Ping did 50 push-ups, the same number of sit-ups, and ran the 2.4km run in nine minutes during his IPPT, according to a Straits Times article.  It was perhaps because of these achievements that he was given the nickname “Lungless.” Even at 54 years of age last year, he could still get a perfect score for his annual fitness test.

The SAF Sergeant Major says his endeavours were due to “commitment, discipline and professionalism.”

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On Mar 15, CWO Ng retired from the SAF, and his daughter gave a heart-warming tribute that celebrated her father’s career.

Ng Nicole shared how proud she was of her father for his 36 years serving the Singapore Army:” “I always say that I’m proud of him. I am, always am and it’s not about the results he has achieved, the rank and position he holds or the power and authority he has, but the hard work, effort, dedication, his whole heart and soul that he puts into all that he do.”

For a man of his character, the topic of transition and retirement was something which Nicole considered as “bittersweet.” She had not believed her father when he had said, “It’s time to move on. Daddy has worked hard, it’s time to take a break and relax.”

“Pretty sure people will go like ‘WILL HE EVER LEARN TO RELAX,’” wrote Ms Ng. She gave some examples which would pose as challenges for the former Regimental Sergeant Major of the 1st Commando Battalion: waking up past noon, being a couch potato, and “finding joy in just doing nothing but lying in bed to sleep.”

She then listed down four things about her father that was close to her heart, and above all his achievements, and medals.

“1. One-year deployment to the US and insisting on completing this march when you were so sick but still stubborn as hell to continue to press on. He was sent to the hospital right after completing the race and was diagnosed with TB. So daring to even tell me that he’s happy that it’s curable and not some cancer, he could still live… (JUST WHO WOULDN’T BE WORRIED RIGHT).

2. Surviving a major bike accident which you crashed head on with a lorry – I don’t have any recollections of this but I can imagine how worried Mommy was back then.

3. Breaking your arm and continuing to command and lead your whole pack of soldiers as though you were not a single bit injured. Risking the fact that he might have to live with a broken arm all his life, if there’s any further injuries. He has two metal plates in his left arm to this date!

4. Completing an ironman with a random chapalang bike that its chain gave way somehow during the race… Carrying Nigel and I in your arms while running the last stretch to the finishing line.”

She closed her sweet tribute by saying:

You are truly, a natural born leader. You walk the talk, you lead by example, you care for the welfare of your men. I remember someone telling me that if it ever comes to a point that we’ve to go for war, he is willing to fight alongside with you to defend the country :-‘)

See, you’ve made a huge impact to the different leaders, the men you’ve crossed paths with, past, current or future serviceman. I hope that they’ll continue to give their utmost trust and support to the future leaders that they’ll serve and defend our country to the best of their abilities, with their lives.

Feel free to read through the comments of Ms Ng’s post below to see many that “Lungless” Ng has inspired.


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