Lifestyle Dating across cultures: Japanese women say Singaporean men make good husbands

Dating across cultures: Japanese women say Singaporean men make good husbands

Destiny IS specializes in matchmaking Japanese women with Singapore men though it also includes other nationalities




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At the launch of Destini IS, an international matchmaking service created for Singaporean men and Japanese women on Friday, February 15, Japanese women revealed what they thought of Singaporean men: they believe that men from Singapore treat women well, are unafraid of expressing their affection openly, and therefore make good husbands.

According to its Facebook page, Destini IS was founded by a pair of friends, Japanese nationals who Hitomi Endo, age 49, and Hiromi Kiuchi, age 42, who have lived in Singapore for the past decade.

The group’s aim is to “bridge the distance and remove obstacles between couples of Singaporean and Japanese nationalities.”

Destini IS’ specialty is to function as matchmakers to Singaporean, Japanese and other citizens from different countries, and to create a successful union through what they term as “a holistic approach.”

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The group offers an “original curriculum” and helps people find their “perfect partner through comprehensive tests.”

Moreover, Destini IS also provides support throughout each couple’s dating period through personalized counseling sessions.

As the group’s About Us page says, “Be it your first marriage, remarriage, remarriage with children or senior couple marriage. Let us help you find your perfect partner, your Destini IS here.”

Each person who signs up with Destini IS pays $288 for the basic package, as well as an additional monthly membership fee of $158. And while Destini IS’ services are open to all nationalities, their specialty is still matchmaking Japanese women and Singaporean men.

Destini IS is a partner of the Japan Marriage Agency Federation, under which 60,000 singles are registered, more than half are females.

One of its founders, Hitomi, says she is open to being matched with a Singaporean partner. She moved here 10 years ago with her two children after getting divorced from her Japanese husband and now owns a language school and the matchmaking service.

Her business partner and friend Hiromi is married to a Singaporean man and tells Singaporean men to ask Japanese women what they really think since Japanese women tend to give answers that hide their true opinions.

In Asia One’s video entitled “What do Japanese women love about Singaporean men?” from the Destini IS’ launch, Japanese women and Singaporean men discuss the traits they admire most about each other.

Another Japanese woman who is looking for love in the Lion City is Aya Oshima, 36,  an entrepreneur, who believes that Singaporean men allow women to have their own careers, and are more independent.

Oshima finds that the men in her country expect women to stay home and care for their husband and children, and generally have a more traditional mindset.

In the Asia One report Oshima said she is unperturbed by the kiasu attitude of Singaporeans, and in fact, she says, “I consider myself kiasu as well, so we can support each other.”

Another Japanese woman, Ai Okada, 27, mentioned that she liked that Singaporean men were comfortable with public displays of affection. She gave the example of “aunties and uncles” holding hands.

Singaporean men also do not hold back from terms of endearment with their partners, whereas Japanese men tend to be more conservative in this aspect.

37-year-old Aya (last name withheld) felt that Singaporean men “are very, very gentle, and they treat women very well seeing them as equals.”

She has worked in IT sales in the country for the past 6 years. For her, “Singaporean women may be even stronger” than men.

As for the Singaporean men on the video, they say that Japanese women are more “demure.” One man said they’re “reserved and make good housewives, “ with another calling them “more giving” and “more nurturing.”

For them, Singaporean women are more outspoken, while Japanese women are more reserved, though one man admitted that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

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