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Damn it, it’s her right to express it!




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Does Amanda Lee have the right to express her views?

Does her views have a place in society?

And has TISG done the right thing to publish her piece?

There can be little question that the debate for and against LGBT has been raging all around the world and even in Singapore.

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A favourite of the opposition cause, Vincent Wijeysingha was forcibly brought out of the closet just days before GE2011 as some would say the PAP slate desperately sought to hold onto a prized GRC. So, there can be little doubt, gay or not has a huge bearing on election outcomes and so, it is a debate that secretly rages on in homes, schools, religious institutions and cannot be ignored.

Who is right, who is wrong, is not the tenor of this piece, but rather, the wish that many would acknowledge that there many like Amanda Lee who have a very strong view against LGBT leanings and are unafraid to say it. There is no right or wrong to this issue. So, should they not be free to express it. Some echo it in private, some boldly proclaim it in the public domain. Some, like Prof. Thio even express it in parliamentary debate with an infamous reference to straws up the nose. The prize or price of such views can be fatal, like Prof. Thio have had threats, some want to “piss on her grave” and led to withdrawing a visiting human rights professor role at NYU School of Law.

On another level, whilst the view has cost her much, she was no cowardice to retract it and she has never backed down from her views. Right or wrong, one has to respect it.

Amanda Lee has raised the ire of the LGBT and the liberals amongst us. I personally think that her views breed hatred and contempt for all LGBT, it comes from a close mind and cast a moral judgement with a broad stroke that seems to demean their very existence as being reprehensible, intolerable and outright wrong. There can be little question that her moral high horse pontification is nauseating, but damn it, it is her right to express it, and I respect it.

One must applaud TISG for not shying away from publishing a controversial piece that though it disassociated with it, those who are calling for blood will want to cull TISG along with Amanda Lee. Well, if only pieces that pander to government views or your leaning is published, easy on the eye and easy on your taste butts, then there is the MSM and the other online publications that are so easy on the palate.

Hence, with respect, for someone like me, who have lived in 3 continents, travelled extensively and read a wide variety of publications, I appreciate the brand of journalism and public discourse that TISG are trying to create in Singapore. TISG, may you never shy away from controversy, let it rage and let it lead to public discourse and may it make for good breakfast reading.

This is a user contributed article and does not represent the views of TISG. 

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