Lifestyle Couple spends only $52 for their wedding and uses '$1.20 Super Ring'...

Couple spends only $52 for their wedding and uses ‘$1.20 Super Ring’ snack

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If you think weddings are expensive, here's a couple who will prove you wrong

SINGAPORE: When it comes to weddings, most of us envision grand affairs filled with opulent gowns, sparkling rings, and lavish celebrations.

However, breaking away from tradition and embracing a simpler, more budget-friendly approach can sometimes lead to a wedding day that’s not only memorable but also surprisingly charming.

Meet YT and Jason, a couple who dared to defy convention by opting for a wedding that only cost them $52.

YT and Jason
Photo: Lemon8 / Screengrab from YT

YT took to Lemon8, a social media platform, to share the story of their extraordinary day. The couple’s journey began when Jason proposed in December 2021, presenting YT with an engagement ring that didn’t break the bank, costing less than $1,000.

Their story took a truly unique turn when they decided to register their marriage privately last July. Rather than splurging on the registration, YT and Jason saw it as an opportunity to enjoy the work perks for spouses earlier.

YT explained to Asiaone, “[My husband] had already proposed and we were already set on getting married anyway, so we figured it made sense to ROM first since we wanted more time to plan for a wedding.”

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What truly set their wedding apart was the cost breakdown:

  • Marriage registration: $42
  • Bride’s dress: $9.50
  • Groom’s outfit: $0 (Already owned)
  • Wedding rings: $1.20 (Super Ring snacks)
  • Photography: $0 (Friends perks)

YT also explained how their budget could’ve been less if not for the $9.50 dress.

YT said: “I just bought a simple red dress without much thought put into it, to be honest”

“My mom is rather traditional and she insisted on having a new red dress. If it were up to me, I would have just worn something that was already in my wardrobe.”

But did you figure out why their rings were only more or less a dollar?

YT’s brother suggested the idea and since their registration of marriage was abrupt, they went for her brother’s ring suggestion.

YT shared: “I was too lazy to source for a wedding ring while my husband forgot. As he was panicking the week before, my brother joked about using Super Ring and we loved the idea!”

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“We’re a silly couple, so it was apt. Who doesn’t love Super Ring!”

If you think getting married is expensive, take it from YT, who said: “It’s actually cheap to get married in Singapore if you’re not particular.”

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