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Condo owner suggests Govt should not allow HDB residents to work in condos

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She says: "It's very hard for me to live in Singapore because the govt allows HDB people to take jobs in private residential areas"

SINGAPORE: In an outrageously elitist post, a LinkedIn user has suggested that the Government should not allow those who live in public housing to work in private residences like condominiums.

The netizen, Satwant Kaur, said that it is very hard for her to live in Singapore because the Government allows this and that she needs to limit contact with HDB dwellers, lest she loses her unique identity “as most of them have.”

In a post published on Monday afternoon (May 22), Kaur wrote: “It’s very hard for me to live in Singapore because the govt allows HDB people to take jobs in private residential areas. Which means they don’t just visit, they remain for about 6-8hours a day. And that’s a lot.

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“So it is necessary to limit contact with them less [sic] I lose #uniqueidentity as most of them have. But they did it by choice, most of them.”

Kaur went on to assert that Singaporeans need to accept that, for the most part, “HDB people and private residence people are very different because of our outlook on community building.”

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The next two paragraphs of her post revealed how poorly she views HDB dwellers. Opining that private residence dwellers live in the now instead of waiting to live life, Kaur said that those who live in HDBs simply “sit and wait” for the rules the government gives them.

She wrote: “Private residence, we build according to values and mindset, we ignore race, language and religion and prioritise mental acuity and emotional stability. We don’t wait to live life, we live now. We show our values and our humanity in how we work, play and hire.

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“In HDB, it is simply about networks and rules that the govt can give them, and they sit and wait for those, and until then they group according to age, race and marital status. It tells us nothing of their values nor their humanity. They are about money, not values.”

She ended her post on a cryptic note, stating, “Happiness is not about humanity. Humanity is about humanity.”

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Kaur appears to be Singaporean. Her public profile shows that she studied at Anderson Secondary School, before moving to National Junior College. She now works as a freelance communications professional and also runs her own business selling plus-size bikinis.

It is also possible that she could be linked to grassroots activities, as she said in one post: “When Americans in Singapore who work for the US govt tell me that I must work for the Singapore govt since I am not afraid of them … I want to laugh and say ….err.. what lies were you told in the briefing? Why don’t you speak to my MP and see how much I work ‘for’ the Singapore govt.”

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This may not be the first tone-deaf post Kaur has made on LinkedIn. She posts rather frequently and in one post, published hours after the one about HDB dwellers, she said: “I kicked away digital frameworks ages ago because I will not tolerate Sexism nor Racism, and I will not give up unique identity, and I favour Productivity, Being Rich and Wealth but abhor, poverty and malaise.”

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