Lifestyle Entertainment Comic book shop run by elderly couple at Marine Parade goes viral,...

Comic book shop run by elderly couple at Marine Parade goes viral, 3 comic books for only S$10

The old school comic book store is named Silver Kris and is located at unit 01-59 at Marine Parade




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Singapore – A recent Facebook post of a hidden gem at Marine Parade made the rounds on social media and gained a steady number of shares and comments by avid fans.

On February 28, Shane Lim shared a post on Facebook of a comic store named Silver Kris comics located at unit 01-59 at Marine Parade where an elderly couple sold classic comic books. “I happen to stumble across this comic store over at Marine Parade, he sells all kinds of old school Marvel comics, etc.,” wrote Shane on his post. “It’s going for S$10 for 3, please do help to support and share as it’s run by an old uncle and auntie,” he added.

Speaking to The Independent Singapore, Shane recalled how the uncle was well-acquainted with his business and knew the different comic characters. “The uncle is really super friendly,” said Shane. “He knows his stuff. When I randomly asked him if he got some of the characters that I liked,” the uncle had it.

When asked about his visit and if the Covid-19 outbreak could be affecting the couples’ business, Shane perceives it as unlikely. “I doubt about the virus affecting the business much as it is situated in a hawker centre, thus being in a high traffic area, but this is just my anecdotal point of view,” he said. With over 3,000 shares, Shane hopes that more people will be aware of the comic shop and patronise the business.

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For those who haven’t visited the shop, Shane disclosed that the comics “are really old so don’t expect them to be in pristine condition.” One could buy the items for entertainment purposes or make the purchase out of goodwill, said Shane.

Shane hopes that “more people notice their shop after so many years being there.”

In 2019, Sonny Liew also shared a post of the iconic store after it was renovated. He added that the store was their source for a vast array of pieces such as Archie, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Usborne Supernatural Guides aside from Marvel and DC issues from the 80s and 90s.

A visit to the recently reopened Silver Kris comics store at Marine Parade. It's behind the hawker centre, unit 01-59….

Posted by Sonny Liew on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

According to a Zaobao report, the uncle, named Liu Wei Kun, has been selling comic books for over 50 years and managed to raise his five children through the business.
Although some of his books are vintage and rare items that could fetch a high price, uncle Liu continues to sell them at a fixed price.

Hello everyone, I happen to stumble across this comic store over at Marine Parade, he sells all kinds of old school…

Posted by Shane Lim on Friday, February 28, 2020

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