On the NUS Whispers Facebook page, a college girl shared about how she’s emotionally hurting inside from being left out by her friends. In the post, which was published on Tuesday (May 3), the girl wrote she’s “never anyone’s priority” which makes her feel “so lonely.”

She also wrote about going to the movies alone but crying so hard due to her loneliness: “I felt sad as I saw others holding hands with their romantic partners or sitting and enjoying the show with a group of friends. I tried to enjoy alone, but I couldn’t stop crying… I sat over there wondering what was wrong with me. Why am I rejected all the time?”

She now lives on campus, but her social interactions with the other residents are limited as well, and wrote that while she asked classmates to include her when they go out, this hasn’t happened.

“As I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I saw photos of the group hanging out together, clubbing, going for outings, going to the beach, and tears welled up in my eyes. It is not just their clique that went out. They called friends from outside their clique, but apparently I did not deserve to be called. Sometimes I wonder whether I should uninstall these social media accounts but it sounds like an escapist solution.”

“I am not in a relationship and I get the feeling that my friends don’t consider me important too,” she added.

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In her own clique, she says her best friends who are paired up spend time with their own boyfriends, while those who are single go out with other friends.

“I doubt they even consider me as their best friend. Usually, no one wants to join if I suggest going out, participating in competitions, etc. What’s worse than hearing ‘no’ as a reply is not even getting a reply at all, as if I am not even worth a few minutes of their time.”

She wrote that to her friends, she’s just an “option for them, not a priority. I get rejected and declined for most of the things I say.”

Netizens, many of whom went through the same experiences as she has, wrote that there are many things she can do to advocate for herself so that she feels less lonely. Commenters were kind and encouraging to the girl, with some telling her to learn to love being by herself.

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One netizen, who went through a similar experience, encouraged her to “create the life” she wants.

A number of netizens suggested that she try volunteer work.

Others said she should try telling her friends how she really feels.

“Just be your best self and the right people will see that and find you,” another wrote.


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