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CNB arrests 136 including elderly Singaporeans found with 3.75kg of heroin and other drugs

Bureau's 11-day drug bust nabs two Singaporean senior citizens and gains praise.




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Singapore – In its latest -wide operation, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested a total of 136 suspected drug offenders, including two elderly Singaporeans found with 3.75kg of heroin and other drugs.

In the 11 days of the operation, CNB had been busy tracking down and arresting drug offenders, and confiscating around 3.8kg of heroin, 96g of ‘Ice’, 88g of cannabis, 83g of new psychoactive substances (NPSs), a gramme of cocaine, 56 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, five packets of LSDs and two Erimin-5 tablets.

While doing so, bureau officers recorded a large seizure from poly-drug traffickers, including two aged in their sixties. The 61-year- man and 62-year-old woman were arrested in the Drive 62 area with cash amounting to S$16,840. Officers raiding the rented unit of the man found 3.75kg of heroin, 89g of ‘Ice’, 54 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, two Erimin-5 tablets and 36 bottles of methadone. Drug paraphernalia such as drug-smoking utensils, digital weighing scales and empty plastic sachets were also confiscated from the unit. A 45-year-old suspect was also arrested in the unit.

Continuing investigations into the drug activities of suspects, the bureau shared on their Facebook page “CNB Drug Free SG” that the 3.75kg of heroin seized from the elderly Singaporeans would be “enough to feed the addiction of about 1,786 abusers for a week.”.

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In light of such damaging consequences had not been for the bureau’s efforts, netizens praised CNB for a job well done.


Drug laws in Singapore

Singapore has some of the strictest drug laws in the . The country’s drug laws prohibit drugs such as cocaine, opium, heroin, “ice”, ketamine (also known as “special K”) and ecstasy, collectively known as “controlled drugs.”

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According to Singapore Legal Advice, a person caught in possession of controlled drugs can be sentenced to ten years in jail, a fine of S$20,000 or both. The Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA) also adopts several presumptions to facilitate drug law enforcement such as the police finding controlled drugs in a unit without the owner’s knowledge. The owner is presumed to possess that drug unless proven otherwise.

The same presumption applies to drug consumption.

Drug trafficking is the most serious of drug charges with punishments including imprisonment, strokes of the cane or the mandatory death penalty, depending on the class and quantity of the drugs trafficked.Follow us on

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