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Circuit breaker breaking seniors: Another ‘auntie’ insists on eating at a hawker centre

She was caught on camera explaining in Mandarin that she did not want to take her food home because she has back pain and that makes her walk slowly




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Singapore—A video of an older lady eating at what looks like a hawker center has gone viral, in yet another example of a senior citizen in Singapore who seems to be finding the current circuit breaker rules implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus difficult to obey.

Singapore now has 8,014 coronavirus cases, with a record 1,426 cases reported on Monday (Apr 20). Tighter restrictions commonly known as a “circuit breaker” were implemented two weeks ago in order to prevent a runaway spike in Covid-19 cases that would overwhelm the country’s healthcare system. This has included people temporarily being disallowed from eating outside their homes.

The video of the woman refusing to leave her seat while she ate her meal was published on two popular Facebook pages, Fabrications About The PAP and All Singapore Stuff on Sunday night.

Stubborn Auntie Insist on Eating Outside

<Reader's Contribution>A few people already tell her nicely go home to eat, this auntie still insist on eating outside. Say her back pain lah, say people bully her lah, say if she get covid long long time get already still wait until now meh?Auntie, y u like dat har? We only trying to help u leh

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Sunday, April 19, 2020

The caption to the video posted on Fabrications About The PAP said, “This is a problem, how to convince the unconvinced, esp the uninformed senior citizens? Dear Aunty’s family, pls explain to aunty the dire situation we are in.”

The woman, who was eating a bowl of kway teow when she was caught on video seated beside some plastic that had been pushed aside, which had obviously been meant to prevent people from sitting down in that area.

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She was caught on camera explaining in Mandarin that she did not want to take her food home because she has back pain and that makes her walk slowly. Presumably, her food would have gone cold by the time she got home.

Both enforcement officers and bystanders attempted to persuade her to pack up her meal and go home. One even told her that she would be slapped with a fine if she refused to comply.

But the auntie just kept on eating, seeming to grow irate as people kept talking to her.

The bystander told the woman that the officers were merely doing their jobs, and added that he would help her bring her food home so she could enjoy it while it was still hot.

While netizens are aware that the circuit breaker rules are for the good of the woman as well as everyone else, netizens have been surprisingly compassionate and sympathetic toward her.

One woman wrote, “Let’s not criticize this old lady. Mybe (sic) she have her own difficulty (sic). Hopefully her family members can advise her better, so that she will comply with the new rules. Sometimes, it does takes times for this older generation to adapt. Let’s us be more kinder with our words.”

Others said they understood her frustration.

Others expressed that it must be hard for people that age to adjust to changes.

One woman asked netizens to be kind to the auntie.

But some netizens pointed out that she was putting others at risk with her behavior.


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