Home News Christians see 'fire rainbow' as divine approval of Netanyahu's visit to Singapore

Christians see ‘fire rainbow’ as divine approval of Netanyahu’s visit to Singapore




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Some Christians in Singapore have linked a ‘fire rainbow’ which was visible in many parts of Singapore yesterday with divine approval of Singapore’s close ties with Israel. The multi-coloured fire rainbow which appeared for over 15 minutes across the island is a rare phenomenon which occurs when sunlight refracts through ice-crystal clouds. The appearance of the fire rainbow coincided with the first visit of a head of government from Israel in over 2 decades.




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Considering the regional sensitivities, Singapore received the Prime Minister of Israel in a low key manner. Mr Netanyahu also did not have any large public appearances.

Some Jewish and Christian Facebook users also linked a triple rainbow which appeared in Israel on the day Netanyahu met with the American President Donald Trump as divine approval of the close ties between the two countries.


Israel assisted Singapore in 1965 in setting up its army, which has turned into one of the strongest militaries in this part of the world, lagging behind only China and India.

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