Home News Christians see 'fire rainbow' as divine approval of Netanyahu's visit to Singapore

Christians see ‘fire rainbow’ as divine approval of Netanyahu’s visit to Singapore




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Some Christians in Singapore have linked a ‘fire rainbow’ which was visible in many parts of Singapore yesterday with divine approval of Singapore’s close ties with Israel. The multi-coloured fire rainbow which appeared for over 15 minutes across the island is a rare phenomenon which occurs when sunlight refracts through ice-crystal clouds. The appearance of the fire rainbow coincided with the first visit of a head of government from Israel in over 2 decades.




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Considering the regional sensitivities, Singapore received the Prime Minister of Israel in a low key manner. Mr Netanyahu also did not have any large public appearances.

Some Jewish and Christian Facebook users also linked a triple rainbow which appeared in Israel on the day Netanyahu met with the American President as divine approval of the close ties between the two countries.


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