Entertainment Arts Chinese singer edited herself into Angela baby's and Huang Xiaoming's wedding photo

Chinese singer edited herself into Angela baby’s and Huang Xiaoming’s wedding photo

The 34-year-old singer had edited Xiaoming's wedding photo with his wife Angelababy by replacing Angelababy's face with hers.




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Xu Fei, a Chinese singer got into trouble over the weekend because of a Weibo post she posted on July 31. The Weibo post was meant to promote her upcoming guest appearance on Huang Xiaoming’s reality show, Chinese Restaurant 4. It may look like an ordinary photo at first sight but netizens soon found out that there was something off about the photo Xu Fei had posted. The 34-year-old singer had edited Xiaoming’s wedding photo with his wife Angelababy by replacing Angelababy’s face with hers.

It could be that Xu Fei meant it as a joke for announcing her appearance on the reality show Chinese Restaurant 4 but netizens were not happy about it. They left comments on the post, condemning Xu Fei for disrespecting Xiaoming and Angelababy. Xu Fei deleted the photo and issued an apology but some netizens were still upset at her. It was reported that Xiaoming was apparently fine with the edited photo.

In an apology, Xu Fei shared that she had shown the edited photo to Xiaoming before she uploaded it on her social media account and that Xiaoming was okay with it.

Netizens feel that Xu Fei should apologise to Angelababy for the edited photo. Picture:Instagram

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Xu Fei said, “I did not expect the post to have such an unpleasant effect on everyone’s senses, so I changed the photo immediately. There should be a limit to such entertainment, and jokes should not cross the line. This time round, my good intentions have caused something unpleasant, [and] I will reflect on myself. My apologies to the netizens, fans, and friends who have been hurt by this.”

If you think that is the end of the matter, it is not. Netizens who were critical of Xu Fei thought that she was implying that since Xiaoming ‘had no issues’ about the edited photo, netizens had no right to condemn her for posing it. Some netizens also criticised Xu Fei for not apologising to Angelababy whom they think is the one who should feel offended. /TISG


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