Home News Charles Yeo becomes chairman of Reform Party

Charles Yeo becomes chairman of Reform Party

His election was posted on his Instagram story on Mon, 3rd August




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Reform Party’s Charles Yeo has just been elected as the Chairman of the party, according to his Instagram story posted on Mon, 3rd August.

Photo: Charles Yeo’s Instagram

Despite his relatively short-lived tenure as a member of Reform Party, Charles Yeo, a practising lawyer in Singapore, quickly gained internet notoriety following his speech in Chinese during the GE2020.

After having to improvise a speech in Chinese initially written for Soh Guan Soon, where he struggled to pronounce several Chinese characters, he quickly became an internet meme.

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This announcement comes after the recent harassment lawsuit filed against him for hurling sexual misconduct allegations and racially charged comments against a prominent lawyer, Mr Imran Rahim, 32, from Tan Kok Quan Partnership (TKQP).

Mr Yeo will be taking over from the current Chairman of Reform Party, Andy Zhu.

Netizens were largely supportive of his election as RP’s Chairperson and many expressed their congratulations through Instagram.

Photo: Instagram, Charles Yeo

Photo: Instagram, Charles Yeo

However, there were some who expressed their wariness about his ascension as RP’s Chairperson, citing it as somewhat “chaotic”.

Photo, Twitter

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