Entertainment Celebrity Carina Lau denies Angelababy's claims that she deleted the latter from her...

Carina Lau denies Angelababy’s claims that she deleted the latter from her WeChat friends list

Carina says she changed her number and forgot to tell Angelababy, now Angelababy is back on her list




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Sanya — It is not unusual for celebrities to talk about their fellow stars but things can get uncomfortable when you make a faux pas. Recently, Angelababy found herself in a sticky situation when she said in a variety show that Carina Lau had removed her from her WeChat friends list.

She said, “I bumped into her in Sanya and we were glad to catch up after so long. But, later on, when I tried to send her a New Year’s greeting, I received an automated response that the receiver is not on my friends list.”

Lau and Angelababy starred in the 2013 movie Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon.

Lau was recently asked by the media for her side of the story and she clarified that Angelababy was mistaken about what happened, reported 8days.sg.

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She said: “My WeChat account used to be linked to my Hongkong number, but I’ve since changed it to a number I use in China instead. I sent messages to those I contact frequently and ignored those whom I haven’t spoken to in years.”

She continued: “I ran into [Angelababy’s] manager in Shanghai and he asked if I had deleted her from my contacts list. I told him what happened and got her contact at the same time. She’s now on my list again. I apologise for forgetting to tell her about my new account.”

Carina Lau denied that she removed Angelababy from her WeChat friends list. Picture: Instagram

Many netizens were critical of Angelababy who, they felt, “should have clarified what had happened before talking about it in public”.

But a fan of Angelababy reasoned that “Carina is a veteran actress, so Angelababy might have felt too intimidated to ask about what happened.”

That comment was quickly shot down by others who said: “That statement doesn’t make sense. Don’t you think it takes more guts to ‘expose’ a veteran actress like that? If you have a bone to pick with someone, you should either talk to them, the people around them, or hold your peace instead of airing it out in public.”/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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