Uncategorized Call for independent inquiry into the finances of the FAS

Call for independent inquiry into the finances of the FAS




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I call for an independent inquiry into the finances of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). The Independent Singapore earlier pointed out that FAS spent $1.6 million on salaries of key personnel, but just $70,000 for the promotion of community football.

“According to the FAS, the total organising expenses for community competitions like the NFL, IWL, FA Cup and Singapore 9s, amounted to just over $112,000.. This amount was offset by club participation fees of $41,000, resulting in about $70,000 of net spending from the FAS (each NFL and IWL club pays $1,700 to take part in the competitions).

The $70,000 spending to help develop football in the community scene was minuscule compared to FAS’ total revenue of $35.8 million, of which the majority came from Tote board’s donations…

Meanwhile, according to its last year’s annual report, FAS paid $1,640,056 to its “key management personnel”.

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The key management personnel are listed as:
• General Secretary
• CEO of S.League
• National Coach
• Technical Director
• Director S.League
• Deputy General Secretary

The FAS annual report also revealed the salary ranges of 3 of its top key executives:
• $200,001 to $300,000 – 1 person
• $400,001 to $500,000 – 2 persons

Presumably, FAS’ top key operating management personnel, the General Secretary, must be receiving a remuneration of between $400,001 to $500,000.”

Socio-political commentator Leong Sze Hian yesterday pointed out that he could not find any mention of FAS’s $500,000 donation to the Asean Football Federation (AFF).

(Read also: FAS donation to AFF raises many questions – especially when local soccer development is in tatters)

So, where is the accountability for all the money spent on FAS’s failed ventures? We must hold the leadership of FAS accountable.

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