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Buses are seeing a lot of youth antics lately, with another removing the seat and flashing middle finger




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Singapore – It was around December 17 when Stomp received a video from Stomper Myles about another youth antic in a public bus.

The video starts with a boy sitting at the back of a bus with his friends. The Instagram story was captioned “France win already now then you now a” and it shows the youth removing a bus seat beside him and shaking it above his head in cheer, which might explain the caption. He does this twice then the video resumes with him going to the back window, waving to those behind them and then flashing his middle finger.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Myles was disappointed at the actions of the youth and said that he is portraying a negative reputation of his school by vandalising public property. It would seem that his son is acquainted with the youth because they go to the same school and the father is concerned that his son might develop such ill habits.

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Photo: YouTube screengrab

Currently, there is no information regarding the identity of the youth.

Netizens were quick to express their opinions on the viral video. A lot were obviously upset about the actions of the youth and even put blame on the parents of the boy.

There was a recurring phrase used among the comments and that being “strawberry generation”, which is usually a term describing the current generation or millennials of Singapore. A strawberry was chosen because it is a fruit that bruises easily. The youth of the country is perceived to be thin-skinned, unable to withstand social pressures nor work hard for a living and overprotected by parents.

A lot of the comments mentioned that the youth in the video is one of the many who belongs in the strawberry generation with both parents working so they lack proper discipline and upbringing.

Meanwhile, there was one netizen named BirdingAngler2 who saw something positive about the whole thing. Whether he meant this sarcastically or not is something that is difficult to reveal.


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