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Bully who asked fellow ITE student to apologise for using the urinal says that victim urinated on him first

Bully says he didn't know his victim suffered from autism




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Singapore — A student who was recently suspended for kicking another ITE student and asking him to apologise for using the urinal has spoken out with a backhanded apology.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (Mar 17), that was posted on @sg.trendzzz, the bully wrote that when he was in the washroom, the victim allegedly “unzips his pants takes out his genitals and shoots his urine at me”.

He added that he managed to move away but “his urine got all over my shoe and sock”.

“After that was all instincts and foolish actions. With all that heat going on I didn’t notice he has autism and after I smacked him I came to a late realization he has autism”, the youth wrote, adding that he did not intend to “prey on the weak”.

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Photo: Instagram / @sg.trendzzz

What happened

The incident came to light after a video uploaded (Mar. 12) to the same Instagram page @sg.trendzzz showed a youth from ITE College Central bullying another student.


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In the video, a young man in a white shirt can be seen taunting his victim in what looks to be the school’s toilet.

He asks the victim who was awkwardly covering his mouth, “What’s wrong with you bro?”

He then questions the victim: “Why you take out your d*ck and pee?”

The young man in the white shirt also slaps the victim on the head multiple times, while asking “you got problem ah?”

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Towards the end of the clip, he can be seen forcing the victim to apologise to him, specifically by saying “sorry boss”.

The video ends with the youth in the white shirt telling the victim he can leave, and kicking the victim hard in the calf as he does leave.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (Mar 16), the school shared that they are aware of the video and they take a “firm stance” against such behaviour.

According to Suresh Natarajan, principal of ITE College Central, one of the students involved in the incident has been suspended, and they have reached out to the victim and his family to extend their support.

The same day, Minister of State for Education Sun Xueling shared on her that they are aware of a video about a “bullying incident” at ITE College Central.

She said: “Might not right. It is morally reprehensible to bully someone. Even more so, if you pick on a person or child who is in a vulnerable position and unable to defend himself or herself”.

Ms Sun added: “ITE reiterates that bullying and violence against staff or students on campus is not tolerated and will not hesitate to take disciplinary actions against students found in breach of their Code of Conduct”.

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