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Created war room to monitor Covid-19 situation: Mumbai mayor

India -- Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar on Thursday said the current death rate of Covid-19 in Mumbai is lower than the previous year, adding...

Young adults: Mumbai’s new superspreaders

MUMBAI -- A high number of young adults is contracting the Covid-19 infection owing to relaxation of lockdown norms and starting of public transport,...

Mumbai colleges return to online classes as Covid-19 cases rise

India -- Rising Covid-19 cases in Mumbai has again postponed plans of physical classes. Institutes who recently started physical practical sessions or a combination...

Follow Covid-19 protocols: Punjab, Maharashtra urge amid rising cases

India -- Authorities in Maharashtra and Punjab have stepped up their efforts in the last two days to address the issue of rising Covid-19...

New Zealand to shut its immigration offices in Mumbai, Pretoria and Manila

India -- Immigration New Zealand (INZ), a part of the nation's ministry of business, innovation and employment, said on Tuesday it will be closing...