Uncategorized ASEAN's Paralympic medallists gets free flights for life offer from AirAsia

ASEAN’s Paralympic medallists gets free flights for life offer from AirAsia




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AirAsia will provide free flights to all Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Paralympians who won a medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games, Tony Fernandes, wrote in an Instagram post today (Sep 12). The offer meant that Singaporean Paralympian gold medallist, Yip Pin Xiu, who broke the world-record with the 100m backstroke S2 win will get to enjoy this deal.

Mr Fernandes who is the CEO of the budget airlines said:

“Thought the summer olympics was amazing. But the Paralympics has showed me what determination is all about. Once again this time led by Malaysia Asean is doing something special. Airasia will be giving Free flights for life for all Gold medals winners 5 years for silver and 3 years for bronze. Airasia was all about democracy. Thanks guys and girls for giving all of us the spirit to never give up despite all the obstacles in front of us.”

AirAsia had previously announced after the Rio Olympic Games that it would provide “free flights for life” to all ASEAN athletes who had won gold at the 2016 Olympic Games, which meant that Singapore’s very own Joseph Schooling would be eligible for the good will offer as well.

But when Schooling indicated that he will be unable to accept any commercial deals due to the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, AirAsia promptly allowed Schoolings parents to use his gift until he graduates from the University of Texas in two years’ time, as per the request of the national swimmer.

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