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Armed forces, police compliance to Najib decried by Mahathir




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Mahathir believes Malaysian PM Najib Razak will use army, police compliance with his rule to negate the elections

Saying that Najib enjoys the army and police chiefs support, Mahathir Mohamad decried what he sees as their compliance to Najib.

The Former PM said Najib might fall to the temptation to remain in by non-electoral means.

In a recent posting, Mahathir said he sees this as a means for Najib to negate the upcoming elections.

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The nonagenarian said Najib must know the whole country is against him.

“His chances of winning the 14th G.E. are almost nil. He also knows the direct consequences for him if he loses.

“He would be charged and may find himself in jail,” said Mahathir.

According to Mahathir, Najib must win by hook and most certainly by crook.

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Talking past events in the Philippines, Mahathir said the police and army are at least in compliance with Najib’s actions.

“In Malaysia currently the Inspector General of Police and Chief of the armed forces are supporters of the Minister.

“Even when he clearly breaks the law they appear not to be concerned,” he said.

He suggested that Najib will likely declare a and suspend the Parliament if he loses.

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However, he said a small margin loss would trigger such a move by Najib.

“He would set up a Mageran-type of Government and rule the country by decree.

“To do this he will need the support of mainly the army chief and the police chief,” said the opposition chief.

Nevertheless, he compared Najib’s misrule as being far more serious than Marcos in the Philippines.

“There is clear evidence that he has stolen Government money.”

As a matter of fact, he said the acknowledges his abuse of power.

“Najib’s Malaysia is described as a kleptocracy, not a democracy anymore.

Najib is blatantly ignoring the rule of law, said Mahathir.

“Corruption by him is rampant,”.Follow us on Media

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