International Business & Economy Architect Tay Kheng Soon visualises a very different post-Covid landscape

Architect Tay Kheng Soon visualises a very different post-Covid landscape

Among people who comment on his post are those who believe things will revert to what they were pre-Covid-19




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Singapore — Well-known architect Tay Kheng Soon, who is an adjunct professor at the National University of Singapore, wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday (June 13) about his vision of what urban planning in the country would look like after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Tay wrote that a journalist had asked him this question. The post has been widely shared.

A journalist just called me about post C19 urban planning. I said the following:1. Many offices will become empty as…

Posted by Tay Kheng Soon on Saturday, June 13, 2020


One of those who commented on the post was a teacher. Ms Lynette Kwek said: “We have been asking for smaller class sizes for umpteen yrs but its still the same 35~40 students in a class. Now sch reopens n under CB Phase 1 still no SD within a class (40 students no change).”

Mr Tay replied: “It will change when there are more teachers. C19 is the catalyst in the humanisation of the economy and therefore the culture.”
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Others agreed that it is time to end the rentier economy. This is defined as “the belief in economic practices of monopolisation of access to any kind of property (physical, financial, intellectual, etc.) and gaining significant amounts of profit without contribution to society”.

Mr Francis Lau wrote: “Yes death to the rentier economy. The pandemic came to kill it.” And Mr Lim Keng Hock said: “Can’t wait for item 10 to happen.
Can’t wait for all the evil landlord of shoe boxes to jump off the cliff!”

Some people, however, said that life would go back to its pre-Covid days once a vaccine was found. Mr Tay Chee Seng said: “Good thoughts but I am afraid all will revert to pre-Covid once vaccine is found.”

Another person, Cj Leo added: “Prof, from what I can c in Perth where life is almost back to normal, habits die hard. A few months being deprived of what used to b taken for granted has resulted in a better appreciation of n yearning for more of the good things in life. So I am not sure there will b drastic changes to too many aspects of life saved for the obvious like air travel, tourism, telecommuting n working from home. Unless of course the vaccine attempts fail n e have to live with C19 for a long time. However the prospect of a vaccine has never been better. So optimistic r those involved that they r pumping in billions to set up manufacturing facilities in parallel to the testings which have been v promising. Good chance we c one in Sept for frontliners n end of year for vulnerable.”


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