Asia Malaysia Anwar turns the tide in direct talks with PM Mahathir on succession

Anwar turns the tide in direct talks with PM Mahathir on succession

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Anwar posted a picture of himself smiling with Dr Mahathir in the Prime Minister's office and said that the leadership transition plan has not changed

Anwar Ibrahim, the man behind the reform movement in Malaysia, met with his old nemesis Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for a weekly discussion.

This meeting between the two political giants in the Pakatan Harapan government took place after the shock defeat of the PH by a massive 15,000 vote margin in the Johor by-election.

The two leaders discussed a peaceful and smooth leadership and transition of power for Malaysia.

Anwar posted a picture of him smiling with Dr Mahathir in the Prime Minister’s office.

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He also gave a clear explanation of what led to the picture being taken and published it on his Facebook page, Anwar Ibrahim Keadilan.

Anwar said their position on the leadership transition plan has not changed. It is still based on the initial arrangement in the Pakatan Harapan, that is Dr Mahathir will quit after leading the country for a period and hand over power to Anwar.

Anwar did not mention the two-year deadline which became a controversial issue and which got Dr Mahathir seemingly upset in the recent past.

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He mentioned that Dr Mahathir promised he will hand over power to him, adding, “In the meeting, I requested for the Prime Minister to issue statements relating to a few issues.

“I have informed him that the issue of the transition of power must be done peacefully and orderly in a reasonable period and with mutual agreement,” he said.

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Anwar also said their names (his name and Mahathir’s name) should not be associated with any schemes or efforts to deviate from the agreement on the transition issue.

“The Prime Minister also took note of the various allegations towards certain Cabinet ministers who have been abusing their power or who have been raising political support through awarding projects,” Anwar said.

In the Facebook post, the admin of the Facebook page replied to a comment by a follower who said:

Translated it says, “Some people are sorry to see an update from Datuk and this evening .. tonight maybe he is meeting again with a gang of thieves.”

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This was perhaps in reference to a PKR leader meeting with the opposition MPs last Sunday.

The reply from the page admin attracted the attention of supporters and users. Some showed support to Anwar as the next PM, others hit out at the leader saying he is worried now since Umno MPs met with PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and others simply wanted Anwar to reply to their comments.

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The Facebook post got 11,000 likes, with 1,500 laughing icons and some 700 plus heart emoticons.

It also got 3.1K comments and 785 shares.

While the country is rocked by several negative political events, it shows that the future PM has mastered the skill of using Facebook and Twitter in order to turn things around in a positive manner! -/TISG

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