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Another teen behaves unlawfully in hopes to go viral, shared bikes continue to be vandalised




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Singapore – It hasn’t been a week when another event showing members of the young generation behaving lawlessly has surfaced on the internet. This time, however, it is the purpose of the youth to start trending online with his uneducated actions. The video, which was posted on @jeremyismlnoob’s Instagram feed, shows the boy riding an ofo bike in what seems to be an empty lot. He hops off the bike midway and leaves it to crash to the wall. He is seen laughing and completely unapologetic as the video ends.

The end of the video shows a zoomed-in image of the actual damage on the bike with a caption “Jialat sia…fork bend”. Upon posting, the boy tags @netizensofsingapore numerous times and adds “lol I wanna get trended so badly”.

It is at these moments when something should not go viral because it could induce more cases of similar activities but, at the same time, it should catch the attention of law enforcers.

Upon further research, it would seem that this is not an original idea concocted by this generation and others have tried damaging ofo bikes before. Five months ago, a young man was recorded throwing his ofo from a bridge and down a river like it was an ordinary thing to do. The video can be seen here.

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Another similar incident shows a shirtless young man throwing an oBike into a canal.

Bike sharing services by MoBike, ofo and oBike were launched in Singapore early 2017 and since then there have been numerous cases of bike mishandling and vandalism, especially from the youth.

To try and address this issue, the companies are educating the public on responsible biking practices, encouraging people to report incidents of misuse on social media and increasing parking spots.

Out of the 3 bike-sharing services, ofo bikes are the fans’ favourite to vandalise most probably because it is the cheapest one with prices ranging from $1/hour to $2 for an entire journey without being docked. Mobike charges $0.50 for every 30 minutes while oBike rental prices start from $0.50 for every 15 minutes.
Currently, the system of bike-sharing services is still in transition, therefore, there aren’t any definite regulations and corresponding penalties for property misuse.

Further updates will be given on this incident.

Netizens are questioning what is happening to the kids of today with the onslaught of incomprehensible events.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

This event first appeared in Stomp.

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