Entertainment Celebrity Andy Lau celebrates 40 years in showbiz

Andy Lau celebrates 40 years in showbiz

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Lau's journey to superstardom started when he signed up for TVB's artist training class in 1981

Hong Kong — Heavenly King Andy Lau, 59 is celebrating his 40th year in showbiz this year and on July 29, Lau will commemorate the event with a live broadcast to interact with his fans on DouYin. His team has launched a series of clips as a lead-up to the main event and the first one shows Lau looking back on his long career.

“I made my showbiz debut on an average day in 1981,” said Lau, “I’m guessing that you know what happened after that. [I’d hear people say things like’] Hey Andy Lau, you’re a superstar!’ and ‘You’re really handsome!’, but have you ever thought that I’m just an ordinary person?”

Andy Lau calls himself ordinary and dumb. Picture: Instagram

He continued, “There are times when I cry too. So what? It isn’t a crime for men to shed tears. I’m really dumb too. I need to practice for a long time to pick something up. Whatever you see on screen is the result of the hard work that an ordinary man named Andy Lau would put in every day. It’s been 40 years, and of course I should celebrate, though it’s nothing to do with having 40 years of fame. What I’m celebrating is the hard work I’ve put in for four decades.”

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As reported by 8days.sg, Lau’s journey to superstardom started when he signed up for TVB’s artist training class in 1981. He propelled to stardom just two years later when he starred in The Return Of The Condor Heroes. In 1985, Lau released his first album Only Know That I Still Love You and it made it so popular that he was anointed as one of Cantopop’s Four Heavenly along with Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai.

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While his fans are super excited to watch the live stream, many of them are feeling disappointed that it is being hosted on DouYin, which is only available in China. One such fan seethed, “The videos that you’re releasing are all in Chinese. Where’s the Cantonese version? Have you forgotten about your fans in Hong Kong?”/TISG

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