An American Youtuber has tried to survive 24 hours in the world’s most expensive city, Singapore, by eating only S$1 meals.

Bobby Briskey is known for his YouTube channel called LivingBobby where he features living in big cities as cheaply as possible. On Feb 22, he uploaded his latest video of what he described as the most difficult challenge for him yet. “I had to be creative in finding dollar foods from looking for vending machines, to cheap street food to trying different life hacks!” he wrote.

It has been Briskey’s mission to live as local as possible on his travels. Hence he implemented the dollar challenge (S$1= USS$1.40).

He admitted he had no idea how to live like a local since he had only been in Singapore once before. What he did know is that in every city in the world, the best place to find cheap food is undoubtedly a market. At the Maxwell Food Centre, however, Briskey had difficulty finding anything within his budget.

He eventually found a small red ang ku kueh that cost S$0.60. “The man was so nice! Did not speak English, but he still tried to teach me the name,” he said.

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The YouTuber had no clue what he got nor had he seen anything like it before. “Think of the outside as a fruit roll-up,” he commented. “Cheers to cultural discovery.” Briskey got the filling correct when he said it contained mung beans.

Next on the itinerary was Little India. The vlogger was amazed at the sudden change in environment, “like he was changing countries”.

A friendly group of Indian men from the Punjab invited him for a drink. They had a short chat about life in Singapore.

Briskey asked if life was good in Singapore. Someone replied with a thumbs up and “very good”. He then asked what was the most important thing to know in Singapore or what was the best thing about the country. “Orchard, the dancing place,” said one man.

“What’s the main difference between India and Singapore?” asked Briskey. “Mostly money,” someone said.

The YouTuber asked them to help him find a meal for his challenge and was directed to a stall that sells mutton curry for S$1. “I honestly feel like I’m back in India. The taste is ‘bomb’,” said Briskey.

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After two to three hours, jumping from one area to another trying to find something “outrageous” or “outstanding” for S$1, Briskey noted he didn’t find any. The food looked good or smelled good, but the portions were small.

Later, he changed strategies and asked different people in the street what he should do for this challenge.

“I kid you not, three out of the four people said the exact same place.” He ended up at the Tampines Giant hypermart. After being surprised by the vast space which was “indeed giant”, he commented at how “insanely diverse” food selections were in Singapore.

He ended up in the bakery section and picked up a S$0.95 pack of huat kueh and decided to grab one more item from the Malaysian and Indian food aisles. He got a bag of “chicken ring” and a small dosai.

Briskey tried the dosai first and was amazed that it cost only S$1. Although the bag of “chicken ring” didn’t smell like anything or taste like the flesh of a chicken, the chicken ring he tried melted in his mouth.

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Last was the “most greasy cake I had ever seen”. It had a “subtle and a little sweet taste” that could be red bean. He commented that it could have been made to share among four people with each one getting an ample piece from the top.

Finally, he made a “Bobby sandwich”, putting the things he had bought into the dosai, rolling it up like a sandwich and eating it. “I’m living my best life,” he exclaimed.

With over 169,000 views, the video has garnered a lot of positive responses from netizens. Many commented that what he called a “cupcake” was an offering used by Singaporeans to pray to the dead for prosperity. Although edible, most people do not eat it.

Photo: YouTube screengrab/LivingBobby
Photo: YouTube screengrab/LivingBobby
Photo: YouTube screengrab/LivingBobby

Vanella Neo wondered what Briskey’s reaction would be on finding out he had eaten an offering for the dead.

Photo: YouTube screengrab/LivingBobby

Among those who saw the video were people who had advice for anyone planning to visit Singapore.

Photo: YouTube screengrab/LivingBobby


ByHana O