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“All of you so black how to recognise?” Hotel cafe manager tells off Singaporean Indian worker




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A Singaporean was met with an unapologetic racist remark when he was simply trying to do his job at Hotel Boss – a 19-storey, 1500-room hotel located at 500 Jalan Sultan – recently.

The man, Facebook user Hunter Hers Helmsley, wrote online earlier this month that he visited the hotel to pick up a group of guests who were eating at a cafe in the hotel lobby. As Hunter approached the cafe, he was encountered the manager of the cafe who asked him for his room number.

Hunter explained that he was not a hotel guest and that he was there to fetch a group of guests. The worker peeked into the cafe and noticed his guests who requested for him to wait so they could finish their meal. When some time had passed, Hunter went back to the cafe to look for the guests since there was no sign of them.

The same cafe manager saw Hunter and asked him for his room number again. When Hunter explained that he is not a guest and that he had already shared this with her, the cafe manager allegedly retorted, “All of you so black how to recognise?”

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Shocked, Hunter asked the manager to repeat what she had said and the manager did so, unapologetically:

“I was on duty to pick my guest up from hotel BOSS. I was requested by the hirer to rendezvous in the lobby cafe.
“I proceeded to the lobby cafe and was approached by the cafe manager, Ms Jasmine. She asked for my room number and pax. I then told her that I am looking for my guests. As I peeked into the cafe, I found my guests who requested for a bit of additional time. I then went back to the hotel lobby to wait for them. As after some time, there was still no sign of them, without any joy, I decided to go back to the cafe to look for them.
“As I approached the cafe, Ms Jasmine looked at me and asked me for my room number and pax (this was just 5 minutes after she saw me earlier on). I told her again that I am not a hotel guest and that I had just came here a few mins ago looking for my guests. Ms Jasmine stared at me and raised her voice and with a rude tone, she blatantly said, “ALL OF YOU SO BLACK HOW TO RECOGNIZE?”
“Burning up with fury, I couldn’t believe her ignorance and how blissed and blatant she was. When I told her to repeat what she had just said, without any remorse, she proudly repeated what she had told me. I felt utterly disgusted and for once I felt so alone and defenseless.”

Hunter added that he has written in to the hotel management to look into the matter and take action against the cafe manager. Sharing a photo of the manager, Hunter wrote that he is exposing her to spread awareness.

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