Once again, American rocker Steven Tyler is facing a new lawsuit, this time for alleged assault. Jeanne Bellino, a former child model who is now 65 years old, filed a lawsuit in New York on November 2, accusing the frontman of the iconic band Aerosmith of physically assaulting her in 1975 when she was 17 years old.

According to Bellino’s lawsuit, she claims to have suffered “permanent emotional distress” and other conditions as a result of being assaulted twice on the same day. She stated that she met Tyler after a fashion show in Manhattan and was escorted by him and his entourage to a nearby hotel, where she was to meet up with Aerosmith, thanks to a friend who had arranged the meeting.

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Aerosmith man behaving inappropriately?

During the walk back to the hotel, Bellino alleges in her suit that Tyler pushed her into a phone booth and proceeded to grope, rub, and forcibly kiss her after she had asked him a question about one of his song lyrics, which had frustrated the singer. The lawsuit describes how Tyler behaved inappropriately, even pretending to get physical with Bellino, all while others from his entourage stood by outside the phone booth, laughing, and passersby witnessed the incident without anyone intervening.

Bellino alleges that Tyler once again forcibly kissed and rubbed against her near the hotel’s bar area. He told her he would call for her but then disappeared to his room. When the call finally came, she claimed to be so afraid that she couldn’t speak and felt paralyzed. A doorman who saw her distress ultimately helped her by placing her in a taxi.

Bellino told her sister

Bellino confided in her sister about the incidents after returning home. The lawsuit cited ‘gender-motivated violence’ as the cause of action.In September, Aerosmith announced via their website that they were postponing their Peace Out tour to sometime in 2024 after Tyler was said to have suffered a vocal injury.

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