International Asia Actress Han Hyo-Joo joins billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim Lim in taking...

Actress Han Hyo-Joo joins billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim Lim in taking legal action in Seungri scandal

Han’s lawyer has recently initiated legal action against 33 people for spreading rumours connecting the actress to Burning Sun




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Seoul – Joining Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim Lim in the lawsuits against Seungri and his alleged club Burning Sun is South Korean A-list actress Han Hyo-Joo.

Han’s lawyer has recently taken legal action against 33 people for spreading rumours connecting the actress to Burning Sun.

An official statement was released by BH Entertainment, the actress’ agent, and Han Hyo-Joo on May 10 (Friday) stating that “Actress Han Hyo-Joo is simply the endorsement model for cosmetics brand ‘JM Solution’, she has never once set foot inside ‘Burning Sun’, nor did she attend the particular event in question which took place at the club back in November 23, 2018.”

“However, defamation of character and insults that are maliciously claiming false information are still spreading on various online sites, communities, and SNS platforms,” added the statement.”

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The group has concluded that the alleged malicious comments and spreading of false rumours have “severely defamed” the actress.

“We have identified 33 individuals (based on ID) and filed criminal complaints at the Seoul Yongsan Police Station for charges of defamation of character under the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION (defamation), ETC,” said the media release.

Han Hyo-Joo, 32, is an accomplished actress known for her roles in Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi. She also won Best Actress for Cold Eyes in 2013 at the 34th Blue Dragon Films Awards.

Read the official statement here:

Photo: Screengrab from BH Entertainment’s FB post

Burning Sun, which is said to be owned by former BigBang singer Seungri, has been reported for admitting minors, evading taxes and promoting promiscuity, among other illegal activities.

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In March, news broke out connecting socialite Kim Lim to the Kpop scandal. Ms Lim, however, denied engaging in any illegal activities and merely visited the club with her friends.

“In NO WAY were there other patrons or staff who accompanied our group. I certainly never asked for any “girls” to party with me. This can be vouched for by the 4 people who were part of our group that night,” wrote Ms Lim in Instagram, cutting all connection to the scandal.

“I am embroiled this matter simply because I HAPPENED TO BE THERE THAT NIGHT. I was simply at the wrong place and the wrong time,” she added.

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