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A young Singaporean speaks up for Chee Soon Juan




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By: Zarina Jaffar
As the Bukit Batok elections is nearing, character assassinations from the whiteys towards Dr Chee is shamelessly getting venomous.
This is written for the younger generations who had asked me why am I supporting Dr Chee with all his bad pasts. Hope this will make you understand the man who is the talk of the town now.
1. Graceful had questioned Dr Chee’s credibility to run a town council and accused him of being unemployed and and thus he is deem to be seen as worthless. Graceful had essentially insulted all unemployed citizens who suffered because of the whiteys open door policies intentionally.
Many of us in our late 40’s now , who are middle class back in the 80’s and 90’s has been reduced to the low income brackets, myself included. I used to be a high earner but PAP failed me miserably, my take home pay now is not even 1K monthly, tough I am holding a full time job currently.
Half of my working colleagues are FT’s and this has suppressed our wages.
EPIC FAILURE from whiteys to take care of it’s citizens economy and provide us with a decent living standard. My brother and an engineer earning $4k in the 90’s, whose post is usurped by an Indian FT is now a taxi driver. He was offered $1.5K recently during an interview as an Engineer. We are all resign to our fate as long as we still can put food on the table we are grateful, forget about luxurious living.
2. Granted in his younger days, Dr Chee was impulsive. But we do change with time and this he admitted himself.What I don’t know back than due to the print media propaganda, I am glad to be more informed now. I too disliked Dr Chee, whom I find as rude towards our Prime Minister, Mr Goh Chock Tong. The msm had played a mind game and I am one of those that got influenced and controlled by such propaganda.
Having met Dr Chee few times in the recent years , he surprised me as humble, passionate on educations, people person and sincere.
The mighty lady of the whiteys, Halimah, had brought up what happen in the past. Well lady, you should not have done that. What is past should remain in the past,but since you had brought it up, based on an eye witness account,this was what actually transpired between Dr Chee and Goh Chock Tong. Dr Chee was indeed provoked by Goh Chock Tong who had pointed to his pocket when Dr Chee asked where is the $10bilion pledged to Suharto.
QUOTE FROM AN EYEWITNESS: “This set me thinking back to 2001 during the General Election when I was campaigning at a market in Jurong East with Dr Chee Soon Juan. Then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong had showed up to campaign for the PAP.
Dr Chee had raised the issue of Singapore’s secretive US$10 billion loan-pledge to Suharto just before the corrupt Indonesian dictator was toppled in May 1998.
Upon seeing Mr Goh, Dr Chee asked him “Where is our money?” referring to the US$10 billion. Mr Goh, without saying a word, pointed to his pocket and waved us away, giving the impression that the money had landed there.
The media seized on the exchange to portray Dr Chee as gangster-like.
MediaCorp’s edited footage made it look like the SDP secretary-general was tailgating and harassing the prime minister with the loudhailer.
This was not what happened. We were outnumbered by those in white and drowned out by chants of “PAP! PAP!” Dr Chee had to raise his voice to make himself heard.” UNQUOTE FROM AN EYE WITNESS.
P.S – Tomorrow I will continue with the ouster of Mr Chiam See Tong from the party. Is Dr Chee really the cause of it? The media has been happily harping on this at every opportunity.
It was further propagated by Chiam See Tong and Lina Chiam recent refusal to endorsed Dr Chee due to a personal vendetta.
Thank you for the likes of New Neo Swee Lin, we know Dr Chee is still the man and too much falsehood has been circulated unfaily on this guy that we in the know should dispel and stop everything that is propagated wrongly on the track.

Republished with permission.  Zarina’s FB.

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