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A letter to Minister Teo Ser Luck.




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A letter to Minister Teo Ser Luck.

Dear Mr Teo,
I am writing to you as a constituent, concerned about “The Straits Times” article written by the above mentioned editor.
Singapore has enjoyed decades of peace under the policy of being “friends” with all who wants to be our friend as well as “priding” ourselves to be a multi racial, multi religious society with respect for “common spaces”.
However of late, that has been infringed and damaged with the editor of a main stream media opening up wounds of my racial composite by insinuating that we are solely responsible for committing massacres against the “palestinian” peoples. She did the same to the Buddhist Community by categorically stating that they deliberately massacred “rohingya” minorities in the Burmese State.
I hope you are able to comprehend the seriousness of her actions even though she is the sister of your colleague and I certainly hope she is not more equal than others under the law. Her content has led to increased antisemitism in our country where persons of Jewish identity cannot practice their religion freely without being discriminated against. Jewish patrons of a disco at Marina Bay Sands, “Avalon” have previously been physically assaulted with no repercussions of any sort and the matter was simply declared closed. A group of malay youths who circulated an all round photograph of the Chesed El Synagogue on facebook with the caption “the Jews are there, go get them”. I am still awaiting concrete pursuant action from the authorities on this incitement alone.I also found it hilarious and a huge amusement that approvals at “Hong Lim Park” could be obtained for demonstrations against the Jewish State when it clearly stipulates “no race, language or religious” issues of any kind can be raised while utilizing the premises.

Is this the “achieved” fairness and equality that we so painstakingly fought for when we left the malaysian federation? Finally, Ms Zuraidah drew attention through Pergas that “the issue of terrorism and violence in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Myanmar and any other country will not be solved if tyranny, discrimination, corruption and oppression still exist” and concluded by stating: “muslim civilians have no choice but to get involved”.
It is for anyone’s speculation what she is trying to allude but I can assure you the consequences would turn out to be anything but good.
Yours faithfully,
Ms Oliverio
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