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A different kind of love story: Filipina helper in SG dedicates 10 years to caring for boy with autism

Rizza has vowed to take care of Alex if his parents pass on and the two share an incredible bond with the helper's love and nurturing nature coming across clearly even in pictures




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Hearts melted on Facebook on Jan 21 over a touching love story—the love between a carer and her charge—shared by one Singaporean parent. The amazing woman at the centre of the story, Filipina helper Rizza, dedicated 10 years of her life to caring for a boy named Alex, who is autistic. In a heart-rendering display of fierce love and loyalty, Rizza vowed to “take care” of Alex even after his parents pass on.

Prepare your tissues, because you’re going to need them. Singaporean parent Ivan Lim shared a post on Facebook that was quickly liked, got many hearts, shared and commented on (it garnered nearly 2,000 reactions overall!).

Lim shared details about his son, Alex, who is currently 14 years old (and already a whopping 1.78 metres tall!). Alex, who has autism, is still very much like a child in the way he acts and thinks and requires help and supervision daily.

The Lim family are blessed, because they have a secret weapon for helping Alex—their wonderful helper Rizza, who has been with them for 10 years, since Alex was four years old (and, according to Lim, only half Rizza’s height and a third of her weight at the time).

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After a decade spent taking care of her charge, Rizza and Alex are most definitely the best of friends, as Lim cited in his post.

He included several photographs of them—pictures of Rizza and Alex hanging out and spending time together. You can see how close the two of them are!

Photo: Ivan Lim/FB
Photo: Ivan Lim/FB
Photo: Ivan Lim/FB
Photo: Ivan Lim/FB
Photo: Ivan Lim/FB

The photographs capture the special bond between the two, something which Alex’s parents Ivan and Cara are over the moon about.

It’s natural for parents to worry about their children’s well-being, especially for the future. Lim shared that during Sunday dinner, he asked Rizza (somewhat jokingly, though partially serious) whether she would consider adopting him if anything happened to him and his wife.

“Don’t worry, sir,” replied Rizza firmly. “I will take care of him.”

This is Lim’s Facebook post:

This is a love story. Our son, Alex, is autistic. He’s 14 and is a giant at 1.78m tall. Yet in many ways, he’s very much…

Posted by Ivan Lim on Monday, January 20, 2020

Rizza’s reply has touched the hearts of many on social media who are now endeared toward the loving and loyal woman:

“Hold on to her, old friend!” wrote one man as a response to Lim’s post.

“Rizza is a gem!” said another, to which Lim replied, “Indeed she is.”


“Rizza MVP!” commented someone enthusiastically.

“Most valuable Pilipina,” Lim replied. “At least to Alex.”

“I nearly cried when she said she’ll take care of him,” said Lim, adding that now, he can rest in peace. Thank the universe for Rizza and her kind!

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