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9 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job




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Work. It is but one aspect of this grand journey we are on, called life. Work is a means to living and should never take over your life. If you are not happy and fulfilled, and don’t feel valued by the company, then think twice about staying on. Check out these 9 signs it’s time to quit your job.

1. You draaag yourself into work every day.

This is the biggest tell-tale sign. It’s a little rock of urgh that weighs down in your stomach and gets worse and worse. It can hit you the moment you wake up, or even just before you get to bed. Your job should not feel like doom and gloom every day. A sure sign you should quit your job is if this feeling of dread isn’t going away, and even tasks or projects you used to enjoy no longer pique your interest.

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2. Your office environment is a melting pot of toxicity.

Petty, conniving colleagues, bully bosses, cramped and cluttered desk spaces, and a high level of tension always hanging in the air. Surely spending 8 hours in a space with such negative and soul-sapping energy, every, single, day, is not good for your physical and emotional health.

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3. You have become some kind of a champion procrastinator.

Your stationery is all in your pen cup, papers filed neatly away, your keyboard and mouse have been dusted and wiped down, you’ve cleaned out the drawers of old documents, rearranged the shoes under your desk.. Maybe the dishes in the pantry need doing? Everyone procrastinates once in awhile, but if you are almost looking for other stuff to do other than your work, it’s a sign you are unhappy and unfulfilled.

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4. You’re taking more MCs than usual.

And not just the fake ones. If your health is taking a beating because of your job, then it’s a good sign it’s time to leave. When you are stressed, your body pumps out a hormone called cortisol. It serves a few functions, one of them being the ability to turn off inflammation. Your body can become desensitised to cortisol if it is exposed to a constant stream of it. This can lead to a whole gamut of illnesses, from the common cold, to stomach ulcers and digestive problems, to depression, sleep dysfunction and more.

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5. There’s no progression path or learning.

If you feel that you have not picked up a new skill, improved an ability, expanded your perspective or learned a new way of doing something, in the past six months, then it is probably high time to go. Having a job is a great way to be secure in life, but it is also about improving yourself as a person. Also, if you find that there aren’t any pathways to progressing in the company – like having someone above you who is never going to leave – then perhaps it’s smarter to look for that promotion elsewhere.

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6. The company’s values aren’t aligned with yours.

Do you prioritise well-being of staff members over the sales bottom line? Is it crucial for your employer to understand and encourage a good work-life balance? Do they like thinking out of the box or do they prefer the safety of the tried-and-tested methods? Do you feel that what you work towards is positive and meaningful? There aren’t any good or bad values – just ones that align with yours and ones that don’t. If there are more crosses than ticks on your checklist, it’s time to move on.

7. Your manager is a horrible boss.

Have you heard of the saying: “People don’t leave companies, they leave bosses”? If you’re working under a difficult person who asks for a million changes to your work, takes credit for your ideas, plays favourites, pushes blame around, needs you to clean up after their laziness or incompetence – and you’ve tried your best to make it work – time to look for another boss.

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8. You are just plain unhappy all the time because of work.

Usually a person at least cheers up at 6pm when it’s time to knock off. If you find that you are glum even outside of the office, distracted from doing activities you like, and you can’t enjoy the weekends because Friday evening is but two days away from Monday, then something is quite wrong.

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9. You’re Googling for articles like this.

Chances are, you already want to leave – you just want some external validation. Listen to your intuition – your gut feeling is usually one of your greatest advisors. If you have been looking at other positions and talking to your friends about quitting, then listen to that inner voice and take the plunge. There is a world of opportunities out there – you don’t have to be stifled in a position or company that does not make you feel valued, happy and fulfilled.

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