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5 Personal Finance Articles We Love This Week




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It’s Friday, and the only decision we have to make is a bottle or a glass.

If a lazy weekend is what follows after tonight, we might have just the perfect past time for you while you wash down your Friday night’s indulgence with a cup of cappuccino. While you are at it at the comfort of your home or cafe, here are some amazing articles we find really useful for our readers.

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1. You Don’t Need A Miles Card To Earn Miles – Cheerful.Egg

” I’ve talked previously about how airmiles cards like the Citibank Premiermiles card or the UOB PRVI miles card are great ways to accumulate miles, especially if you travel. But lots of people don’t want to sign up for a new credit card, so they automatically assume that they’re out of the miles game.

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But here’s the deal: You don’t actually need an airmiles card to earn miles. Here’s why.”

2. 10 Money-Saving Hacks For Singaporeans Who Travel Frequently – TheSmartlocal

” But if nothing can come between you and your intense love for travel, here are 10 money-saving hacks we’ve compiled from the most experienced of travellers to give you the most bang for your jet-setting buck.”

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3. 7 Essential Financial Planning Questions That You Need To Answer To – Dr Wealth

” Despite living in such a wealthy country, many people are still living paycheck-to-paycheck without proper financial planning. Many working adults are simply too busy with work that they have no time to take care of their own finances.

They only think about their finances at certain stages of life – marriage, having a child, purchasing property. Some only start to be concerned as they approach retirement age. At other times, they remain blissfully unaware of the need to plan.”

4. Return On Investment For 38 Oxley Road – Value Investhink

” The investment story of 38 Oxley Road is also quite intriguing for those who would be interested in investment returns. In this post, we hope to capture the no.s and paint some scenarios, some very rosy, hopefully, to make people forget the disgust and disgrace of the whole situation.”

5. How Do You Persuade Someone To Improve Their Financial Situation? – Investment Moats

” Most people cannot separate what is a need from a want. Its also hard to leave that lifestyle. Thus, convincing people to practice better personal finance habits tend to be futile. It is better for them to get round this topic.

Usually, it is when things are too late.”

A Little More…

If you still have a little bit of time to spare, Seedly cover some really interesting topics this week. We summarised pages on the CPF website to a quick dose of knowledge for CPF. We also have with us, a really comprehensive framework with regards to winning your finance game. A 5-steps guide to help one rule it all!

Source: Seedly
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