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5 lewd games played out at Singapore universities’ orientation camps




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Blogger Mr Keropok had in 2008, pointing to an article which appeared in The Straits Times, 31 August 2008 wrote about the lewd games which are played out annually at National University of Singapore’s (NUS) orientation camps.
1The blogger said: “Honestly, when I first read this article, it was nothing new to me because I have experienced this during my days in NUS since I started out as a Freshmen and all through the subsequent 6 years as a Senior. However, since my Freshmen years 8 years ago, I have really seen an “advancement” in how more and more explicit these orientation games or forfeits have become. If this concern or alarm was not raised, we might as well brace ourselves for the days ahead where even secondary school orientations are playing such lewd games!”

The blogger then listed 5 games which were played out at the orientation camps.

Lewd Game #1: Passing Sweets from Mouth to Mouth
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The blogger explained: “This is an all out ‘sabo’ game. Usually the toothpick that is given to the freshmen is only half the length of the normal toothpick or even shorter! Using that, you are required to pass polo sweets from one toothpick to another! Secondly, while in the midst of focusing on passing the sweets, some seniors would ‘accidentally’ bump the two freshmen (typically a guy and girl) so that they would ‘accidentally’ kiss onto one another.”

Lewd Game #2: Human Polo Dance
4 5
“Typically a forfeit game. The girl would be the ‘pole’ and then the guy supposedly the dancer. No meaning to this game. In fact I find this very disturbing and degrading for the girl. It seems to be portraying her as the object of sexual desire.”

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Lewd Game #3: Passing Egg Relay

generic picture - not of NUS orientation camp
generic picture – not of NUS orientation camp

Lewd Game #4: Licking Whipped Cream / Colgate
generic picture - not of NUS orientation camp

generic picture – not of NUS orientation camp

“This would probably be the most sexually explicit orientation games evolved. Typically makes it look like sexual foreplay. This game sometimes is done with the girl being blindfolded and trying to feel her way to find the cream and lick it off. ”

Lewd Game #5: Push-Ups

generic picture - not of NUS orientation camp
generic picture – not of NUS orientation camp

The blogger noted that most of these games portrayed women in a degrading manner, and that it is quite humiliating because the entire camp is watching and cheering them on. He advised that no students – especially girls – should not feel compelled to join in such games.

“Make a stand and maintain your moral standards. You do have a choice to say NO to such games. It’s ok to have fun, but not at the expense of compromising your values and principles.”

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