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4 essential things startups should spend their money on




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Plenty of times startups end up spending time and resources on things that are not that important. However, the fact that some expenses are unnecessary for a new business doesn’t mean that you should avoid spending on things that are impertinent.
As an entrepreneur or a founder of a startup, it is essential that you know where to spend and not to spend.
1) Budgeting software
In order to succeed in your startup, you need to construct a budget. There are so many aspects in running a business but you need a comprehensive budget for it. As a founder of a startup, it is easy to overlook the nitty gritty financial details that will cause lapses in your budget.
Some businesses also think they can handle their finances manually. But as the business grows, the finances and accounting becomes more tedious and complex. Although a budgeting software will be costly, such a software will provide invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll and payments in a smooth and automated manner.
2) Technical support
The number of hours you spend developing your own website and server maintenance would be far better spent serving your customers.
Hire a technical support staff or outsource the technical work to a developer who will design your website and provide server maintenance whenever you need it. This will enable you to allocate your time to better use elsewhere.
3) Marketing budgets
Many young businesses limit their potential by refusing to invest resources on marketing and social media strategies. Marketing and branding has always been a great tool for startups for brand building and development.
Besides tapping on marketing strategies, don’t forget to use social media. Social media has become a buzzword of the digital eta. With the advent of digital technology and online communities, the number of small businesses that have increased their social media budgets is on the rise.
Through social media your company can reach new customers, build deeper relationships with existing customers, and fully understand that their consumer needs are. Consider hiring a specialist or team to focus on managing social media initiatives. If done effectively, your business can improve its trust, credibility and overall business
4) Market research
Market research is an essential component of any business including startups that are penetrating their way into a new market. Knowing what your market needs and how you can meet that need is essential for startup success.
Hire an employee or outsource the work to a market research firm to avail secondary data through internet, periodicals, research papers, group literature, trade associations etc. All of these data can be gathered and consolidated at a reasonable price.
The catch is with primary data, where you need to spend the bucks on. Money spent on consumer market research depends upon type of customer segment you are dealing with (B2B or B2C).
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