SINGAPORE: Singapore Sports School has announced an investigation into the tragic death of a Secondary 2 student, Pranav Madhaik, who fell ill after participating in a 400m fitness time trial on October 5.

The 14-year-old student passed away on Wednesday (Oct 11) after he was rushed to the National University Hospital, where he underwent several surgeries that failed to save the young boy’s life.

The school has issued a statement expressing its commitment to conducting a thorough investigation into the incident and reevaluating its safety protocols. However, the school is unable to disclose further details into the circumstances of Pranav’s condition at this time and has requested privacy for the grieving family during this difficult period.

Conveying deep sadness over Pranav’s untimely passing, the school described Pranav as an outstanding student and athlete, excelling in badminton and displaying exemplary character. He was known for his positive attitude towards his training and studies, having secured victories in several national age-group competitions. Pranav was also well-liked by his peers, teachers, and coaches.

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The school said that it will continue to support Pranav’s family and provide counselling to affected student-athletes, coaches, and staff.

Pranav’s uncle, Raj Verma, told CNA that Pranav’s parents were informed of the incident while the ambulance was en route to the hospital. Tragically, when medical attention was administered, most of his vital organs were already compromised. Despite undergoing bypass surgery and another operation on his leg, Pranav could not be saved. The family is seeking answers from the school regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) CEO Alan Ow also confirmed awareness of the incident. Pranav was part of the association’s national intermediate squad, a youth training programme for promising players. The SBA has committed to providing assistance and support to Pranav’s family as they prepare to bid farewell to the talented young athlete.