International Asia 10,000 applicants vie for Thai durian trader's daughter's hand in marriage

10,000 applicants vie for Thai durian trader’s daughter’s hand in marriage

With such a lucrative offer and a maiden to boot many have applied for the Anont Rotthong's daughter's hand with one man even being rejected for being 'too good looking'




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Chumphon (Thailand) – A recent and rather bizarre piece of news circulating on the Internet that has received a lot of attention is that of durian seller Anont Rotthong’s and his generous offer to any man who would marry his daughter.

He promised 10 million baht (S$425,000), a house, ten vehicles, and two durian markets to his potential son-in-law as long as he is a good man and can select and purchase durian straight from the orchard.

As a follow up to that piece of news, according to an article by AsiaOne, up to 10,000 men have since applied for the role. The durian tycoon wrote in an update on his Facebook post that he had been receiving offers round-the-clock. He wrote: “Stop calling me, I haven’t had time to rest” on March 5.

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The following day, Mr. Anont officially cancelled the challenge although he is still trying to pick out a suitor. He added that the public’s response had become too disruptive to his family and business, but he still plans to give the promised amount to whoever becomes his son-in-law.

His new plan stands as follows: He said, “Let’s all meet on April 1. Pack all your clothes and necessities and be prepared to stay and work in my durian plantation for three months. If there is more than one of you left (after the three months), we will extend (the stint) for another three months… until there is only one man left.”

His daughter, Ms. Kansita, has been supportive of the whole thing. She was surprised that her father’s post went viral and got that many responses yet didn’t think too much about it since she knows her father has good intentions.

When asked in an interview about her type, she replied, “I don’t have a type. I just want a good man.”

One participant Premyosapon Khongsai, who happened to be well-versed in the durian trade expressed his interest via a Facebook post.

Here is his Facebook account for more reference:


In his post he mentioned his experience in the durian trade and his hard-working character, in what seemed like a perfect fit.

However, he was rejected by the durian trader.

Mr. Anont’s reason for turning the suitor down was his looks. He considered Mr. Premyosapon too “handsome” and therefore risked breaking his daughter’s heart.

It appears there are some hidden criteria as well as one should not be too good looking.

Read about the disqualified suitor’s experience below:

He didn’t seem defeated by the turn of events and shared that he still thinks that love is meant to be a decision between two people and not to be acquired through competition.

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